Haghenbeck was successful within the genres of black literature and comics

This Sunday the Mexican writer Francisco G. Haghenbeck died , after several days in which he convalesced in a hospital in Puebla. During the previous days, the blood donation for the patient was requested on social networks.

Born in 1965 , Haghenbeck was successful within the genres of black literature and comics , with works translated into nearly twenty languages.

Within his narrative, Detective Sunny Pascal stands out, with novels such as Trago amargo and El Caso Tequila.

In addition to the public’s taste and the multiple editions of his work, Haghenbeck received numerous awards , such as the National Award for a Novel Una Vuelta de Nuerca, the 2013 Nocte Award for Best Foreign Novel, the LIJ Norma Award, the French Gourmand Award and the National Award. Novel José Rubén Romero.

On Saturday afternoon, the writer and cartoonist BEF reported on Twitter that donors had been completed for Haghenbeck, who was showing improvement. Unfortunately his health worsened in the hours that followed.

His surprise death is lamented on social networks by friends, colleagues and readers.

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