Mexican Baseball Player Jorge Fitch Dies At 87

He was champion as a player with Pericos in 1963 and as a manager, he took the throne to Los Angeles in 1979. He was also champion in the ANABE

Fitch, one of the most brilliant shortstops that Mexican baseball has produced, was born in Navolato, Sinaloa on March 30, 1934, and began his career as a baseball player at age 23 with the Tigres de México.

In 1960, when Puebla returned to baseball by acquiring the Tecolotes de Nuevo Laredo franchise, Fitch, who at that time played for the felines, arrived as one of the luxury reinforcements for the Pericos, conforming that gold box with Ronnie Camacho, Moi Camacho, and José “Zacatillo” Guerrero.

Fitch, who was a true idol of the Puebla fans, played eight seasons with the Pericos de Puebla and was a fundamental part in the conquest of the pennant in 1963 where he contributed talent with his glove and with his wood where he hit .316 percentage with 57 RBIs.

“It was a delight to watch him play. One of the great shortstops that Mexico has produced, ”said Ronnie Camacho, who shared eight long years with the Pericos with Fitch.

After passing through Pericos he was sent to Reynosa in 1968 and after a brief stint in Tampico in 1971 and after two years (1972-1973) out of the circuit, he returned to the Broncos where he retired in 1975.

After his retirement as a player in 1977, he took the reins of the Nuevo Laredo owls, whom he led to the championship by beating the Diablos Rojos of Mexico in a grand final.

Two years later he arrived in Puebla hired by Jaime Pérez Avellá to take the helm of Los Angeles, to win his second pennant as helmsman. That time he beat the Ciudad Juárez Indians in seven dramatic games, in a final where he beat his teammate with the 1963 champion Pericos, José “Zacatillo” Guerrero.

The following year Fitch had Los Angeles at the top of the circuit when the players’ strike exploded in July 1980, being one of the main drivers of the movement.

Fitch then led the Angels 450 in the ANABE National League, whom he led to the conquest of the pennant in 1982.

  • In winter ball, he was also champion with the Tijuana Colts.
  • He was elevated to the compound of the immortals in 2001.

Because of his good physique and good looks, he was the darling of the Puebla ladies of the time.

After being away for almost two decades from the Mexican League, where the doors were completely closed to him, Fitch returned in 2004 when Tijuana was authorized to play in the summer ball. He was only in the organization for a short time, as someone remembered his anabista past and disappeared from the organization.

The last time he was in Puebla was in 2017 when the Pericos de Puebla organization paid tribute to the 1979 champion Angels.

Already undermined of health, the famous “Rata Güera” as her friends called her, appeared already bedridden in a wheelchair, but always friendly and smiling, talking to everyone who approached her to ask for an autograph.

His romance with Puebla was such that Fitch made his last set and sent his last suicidal move, exactly one day before the city celebrated the 490th anniversary of its founding.

Rest in peace the great Jorge Fitch.

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