Mexican Actress Isela Vega Dies At 81

During her career, she participated in projects such as “Bring me the head of Alfredo García”, “La Ley de Herodes”, among others

Isela Vega, a famous Mexican actress, died at the age of 81, according to the reports of her niece, who broke the news on social networks through an emotional message.

In the publication, in addition to words to her memory, Brenda Vega recalled that the actress was a fan of the singer Juan Gabriel, so she wanted a reception with mariachis to the rhythm of “Divo de Juárez.”

“Today a woman dies and a legend is born, Isela Vega, your heart sails and your soul now rests, I am sure that soon we will see each other again, I love you. Here and there I hope your beloved Juanga receives you with Mariachi just the way you liked it, you leave your legacy with us, I will honor your life for the rest of my days… I love you ”.

Vega was a native of Hermosillo, Sonora, where she was born on November 5, 1939, was named the local carnival princess in 1957, and began her pinnacles in modeling, according to Jon C. Hopwood.

Her debut as a film actress took place in the film “Verano Violento” with Pedro Armendáriz. Some other important films that she made were “For my pistols” in 1968; “The psychedelics” in 1968; “I want the head of Alfredo García” in 1974; “Arráncame la Vida” in 2008; “El Infierno” in 2010 and her most recent “Cindy la Regia” in 2020.

Isela Vega Died
During her career, she participated in projects such as “Bring me the head of Alfredo García”, “La Ley de Herodes”, among others PHOTO: ANTONIO CRUZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

For television she also did some performances such as “Lady Temptation” in 1994; “Ramona” in 2000; “Pasión” in 2007; the 2008 series “Mujeres Asesinas”; “El Pantera” in 2009; “Italian girl is coming to get married” from 2014; and her most recent participation in “Like” in 2018, in addition to comedy series such as “María de Todos Los Ángeles” or some participations in “Como dice el saying.”

Finally, Vega made her debut on streaming platforms, as she played the role of Victoria Aguirre in “La Casa de las Flores” by Manolo Caro, an exclusive Netflix production.

Among the awards she received, the recent Golden Ariel that she was awarded in 2017 for her career in the film stands out, but it was not the only one. For her outstanding stellar performances or co-performances, she also won the Ariel for the productions “The hours with you”, “Out of heaven”, “The Law of Herod” and “The Black Widow”.

In addition, it was recognized internationally by the awards of the Association of Show Chroniclers, in Argentina, for the films “La Ley de Herodes” and “Arráncame la Vida”.

Isela Vega Died
Isela Vega, Mexican film and television actress, died PHOTO: ANTONIO CRUZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

For her work, some important institutes, companies, and colleagues gave him parting words on social networks. For example, the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE), who wrote:

Transgressive woman of our cinema; actress, screenwriter, producer, and director of powerful stories. We bid you farewell with sadness, also with great admiration and affection, Isela Vega. Follow with us the enormous strength that you always gave to our screens

The Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, home of the Ariel Awards, did the same, through its official Twitter, with the following message:

The AMACC deeply regrets the death of actress Isela Vega, winner of 5 Ariel Awards, including a 2017 Gold Award in recognition of her career in film. Without a doubt, a figure that will remain forever in our filmic memory and in our hearts.

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