Mexican Actor Jaime Garza Dies At 67

Actor Jaime Garza, who starred alongside Victoria Ruffo in the telenovela “Simplemente María” in 1989, died at the age of 67 in Mexico City. The actor is said to have passed away from complications from his diabetes.

The actress announced that due to the disease that affected him, he had undergone a foot amputation and also had surgery on the other.

He stressed that the interpreter had told him that he had undergone painful clinical procedures on the other leg. During the talk, Pelayo said he did not know the seriousness of these treatments, but assured that they had been serious.

Rosita announced that the death occurred in the artist’s house and that he was surrounded by his father and sister, which he was grateful for, because he did not expect his ex-partner to end his life in a hospital.

The interpreter was 67 years old and, according to the actress, the cause of his death has not been publicly disclosed; However, he emphasizes that he spent several years in different therapy due to the evil that affected him.

Rosita assured that the interpreter’s family is doing the errands for the interpreter’s funeral, who is also the uncle of actress Mariana Garza, who was also a sentimental partner of Viridiana, daughter of actress Silvia Pinal, was married to Alma Delfina, Natalia Toledo, and Pelayo.

The actor was recognized for having acted in productions such as Plaza Sésamo was part of the cast of films such as Canoa, Los Camaroneros, Los Dos Carnales. His last job was in the telenovela El bienamado where he played the role of Apolo Tinoco.

Jaime Garza Dies
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Jaime Garza’s life changed after losing a leg

The actor confessed that one of the most difficult moments of his life was when he lost his right leg. He even commented that after the amputation of his lower limb in 2014, due to diabetes, it was difficult for him to get a job and he did not want to be forgotten.

“I want to work, that they see me, because oblivion arrives, other actors arrive and people no longer remember you and I want them to know that I am alive”

Jaime Garza

The legacy of Jaime Garza

Jaime Garza was born on January 28, 1954, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and had a fruitful career as an actor and writer.

He was the son of journalist Ramiro Garza and poet Carmen Alardín, brother of actress Ana Silvia Garza, and uncle of actress and singer Mariana Garza.

He studied acting at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and began his acting career in the children’s program “Plaza Sésamo” in 1973.

Among the soap operas in which he participated were “Vivan los Niños”, “La Usurpadora”, “Carita de Ángel”, y fue el galán de Victoria Ruffo en “Simplemente María”.

His romance with Viridiana Alatriste

Jaime Garza, who participated in soap operas such as ‘ Canoa’ and ‘Playa Prohibida’, was the boyfriend of  Viridiana Alatriste, Silvia Pinal’s youngest daughter.

The couple met thanks to El Indio Fernández and their romance was well known because they were dating when the actress died in a car accident on  October 25, 1982, when she was 19 years old.

Jaime Garza Died
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Silvia Pinal’s daughter died in a car accident while leaving the house of her partner, who died today

On October 25, 1982, the Pinal family suffered one of the hardest blows in its history. A car accident took the life of Viridiana Alatriste, the daughter that the last diva of the Mexican Golden Cinema procreated with producer Gustavo Alatriste and who was named in honor of the film by the Spanish director Luis Buñuel in which they both worked.

But her untimely death, at just 19 years old, not only marked the end of a promising career in show business and immense pain for her mother, but it also rocked the life of actor Jaime Garza, who at the time of the accident was her partner and who kept her present in her memory until her last years.

The love between Jaime, who was shaping up to be a television heartthrob in the eighties, and Viridiana arose when they were both working on the comic television show ¡Cachún Cachún Ra-Ra !, where Garza played “El pelos” and Alatriste to “Viri”.

The program that simulated a high school was conducive to the two starting a relationship, which soon turned into a youth romance: “ It was a dating romance, but it wasn’t that long, it wasn’t long, a little over a year, maybe. We didn’t get to live together or anything, ”Jaime recalled a couple of years ago in an interview with Ventaneando.

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