Juan Carlos Iracheta, the famous meteorologist of the program “Hoy Same”, died of covid-19, as they made it known in the Hoy program, as well as in different broadcasts of Televisa television.

This was announced by Televisa through its online portal, in which they reported that Iracheta died from the consequences of the disease caused by the coronavirus around 6 in the afternoon on Monday.

“Juan Carlos Iracheta, who was a meteorologist for the ‘Hoy Same’ program, died a victim of Covid-19. He worked alongside journalists Guillermo Ochoa, Lourdes Guerrero, and Juan Dosal. Rest in Peace ”, the news was communicated.

The phrase  ” I hope you have a day of intense human warmth.”  was the unique hallmark of the meteorologist Juan Carlos Iracheta. He also participated in several television programs, such as: “Mundo Latino” and “Nuestro Mundo”. In these, he conducted interviews, reports, and experiments.

It was in 2000 when Juan Carlos Iracheta retired from the small screen. Last year he reactivated his social networks to have contact with the people who followed him.

Juan Carlos Iracheta’s work was also remembered in the program “Hoy” where he was given a few seconds of applause.

It was in 2000 when the meteorologist retired from television, but he was active on social networks , since last December, and where he uploaded some videos and even boasted a book he wrote, thanks to science.

The news was also released on Televisa’s Hoy program, where, amid applause, they gave him the last goodbye.

He worked alongside journalists Guillermo OchoaLourdes Guerrero, and Juan Dosal, ” Televisa wrote on his Twitter account.

According to Federico Iracheta, one of his nephews, his 80-year-old uncle died of pneumonia associated with the coronavirus.

Ochoa, his set partner, shared a message on his networks expressing his admiration for his deceased friend: “Sorry I didn’t add anything about Juan Carlos Iracheta today. I can only say that neither before nor after was there anyone in the media from where he brought together his talent, knowledge, and sense of humor. Absolutely original, creative, professional.
On the small screen, he worked as a meteorologist and television host on programs such as Mundo Latino and Nuestro Mundo, where he made reports and interviews.

On Tuesday’s edition of the Hoy program, several minutes of applause were dedicated to him and they recalled his extensive career as a communicator.

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