Mariana Rodríguez Mourned The Death Of Her Dog Pantera

The influencer and wife of the governor-elect of Nuevo León regretted that her pet suffered a respiratory arrest; just in March she had rescued her from the street

Mariana Rodríguez Cantú has been giving something to talk about on social networks because this afternoon she announced the death of her dog named Pantera, an animal that the wife of the governor-elect of Nuevo León rescued months ago in the middle of the electoral campaign when Samuel García was still he was seeking the governorship of the state.

The controversial influencer had already reported on Saturday, August 28, that her pet was in serious condition in the hospital due to a blood parasite that invaded his body.

“This can be due to two reasons for a tick that has bitten it, but I am not going to do that because since I rescued it never had fleas or ticks, when I rescued it then later they dewormed it, that is, nothing to do with it. Or two, that she has inherited it from her mother and there, yes or how to do it, then he is already in treatment. We leave her hospitalized so that the vet can monitor her for today and tomorrow. On Monday we go for it, hopefully, everything is fine, it brings issues of anemia, “said the businesswoman on her Instagram account on Saturday afternoon.

But it was not until noon this Sunday, August 29, when the socialite from Monterrey shared with her almost two million followers that Pantera had suffered a respiratory delivery, so she had to go to the hospital where the veterinarian could do nothing to save the life of the animal.

Without holding back her tears and still aboard her vehicle, Mariana wrote “Pantera has already passed away.” Minutes later, when she arrived at the hospital, she hugged the dog’s corpse and spread it in her stories. “ I have no words, my girl you left me in the blink of an eye. God lent me very little from you, but enough to change your life and give you the best of me these 6 months that I had you, “she wrote at the bottom of a meaningful post.

“I’m going to miss the screams of your brothers for your rough kicks, to see you every morning enjoying in the garden, your favorite frisbees, your bites, but above all your beautiful eyes. You are the best memory I have of this campaign. Forever in my heart, my beautiful black girl. Rest in peace “, wrote the influencer in reference to the electoral campaign that lived next to her husband.

In social networks, Mariana’s reaction caused empathy among those lovers of pets and animals but also received criticism from those who considered that the last thing a “common” person would do would be to upload stories at that difficult moment, reflecting their pain and hugging an animal corpse.

“I am an animal rescuer, many times I have lived what Mariana Rodríguez is going through today, the frustration and helplessness are too great, the pain is unbearable. Those who make fun of the way she is reacting have probably never loved an animal, ”user Gigi Berlioz wrote about it.

It was last March when Mariana shared a collection of photographs of the Pantera rescue, when the then stray dog ​​was found in the streets of Cadereyta, Nuevo León, in very poor health.

Being just a puppy, Pantera was revived with a little water by the businesswoman, who later took her in her arms while she made a walk through the streets with her husband.

The dog was chained to a stone when they found her, and although the initial plan was to keep her safe and then find a home for her, the influencer decided to keep it with her, and today, almost six months later, Mariana mourned the death of her partner campaign.

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