Marco Solís From Los Originales De San Juan Dies In A Car Accident

The group released the unfortunate news through its social networks

The Mexican regional is in mourning after the unfortunate news of the death of Marco Solís, bassist and second voice of Los Originales de San Juan, was released.

Through the group’s social networks, it was announced that Marco Solís had died on February 27 in a car accident.

“We ask for your prayers for the eternal rest of our colleague and friend Marco Solís, who passed us on the road in a car accident. Rest in peace friend ”, reads the publication made by Los Originales. The fans of the band immediately made their support felt with several messages. “Rest in peace cousin, and prompt resignation to my uncles and cousins”, “rest in peace master”, “my deepest condolences! Rest in peace”.

Chuy Chavez Jr, son of the founder of Los Originales de San Juan, gave the last goodbye to his great friend and colleague with an emotional message published on his social networks, as well as a video of the funeral, where he sang several melodies.

“I’m going to miss you dude! From the first day I told my boss that you were the best candidate for Yeyo’s position. It hurt a ch * g * because I know you would never be in my group anymore! But I know that you were ready and that you had everything to support my dad … We learned a lot from you and thanks for everything Marrcos really thank you. Ox not that you protect us from the sky, you who are already closer to ches; I’m not doing well, I ask our God the father. May God have you in his glory and I will ask for you and your family, ”wrote Chuy Chavez Jr.

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