Marco Beltrán Was Accused By His Partner Of Physical And Psychological Violence

The athlete was reported to the authorities and this Wednesday through social networks of his ex-girlfriend

Marco Beltrán, who participated in Exatlón México during the second season of the reality show and who is a UFC Mixed Martial Arts professional, was accused on Wednesday afternoon of alleged physical and psychological violence by his former partner.

The young woman who calls herself on social networks ” The princess sayajin ” shared through her Instagram account the abuses that she has allegedly experienced at the hands of the fighter. The influencer uploaded 10 photographs in which she shows her legs, arms, and hands full of bruises, adding a long description narrating her ordeal in detail.

“Marco on several occasions kicked me, pushed me, threw me to the ground, pulled my hair, hanged me, spat in my face, broke many things, hit me, and when I said to him ‘are you aware that I did you hit? ‘

I said ” no, do not hit him because if I stick, you’d be dead from a blow ‘she said,’ show me the marks if no marks will not hit you! ‘, I said I just gave you a little kick, you did you that bruise alone because I just pushed you and you threw yourself a dunk for exaggerated! “, she wrote at the beginning of her message.

The young woman also narrated how she suffered from psychological violence by Beltrán and accused him of being responsible if something happened to him after making this complaint, as she also assured that the athlete was diagnosed and referred to a psychiatrist because “she has a disorder suffered by people who engage in physical contact sports and who had to be medicated, obviously she never wanted to go ”.

She expressed being sure that the young man will have his own version of events with which she will defend himself against the accusations since she assured that he is “crazy” and attacked him.

Marco Beltrán
In the conversation, Beltrán accuses the young woman of having tried to stab him (Photo: Instagram / @ laprincesa_sayajin)

She added that she decided to make this public complaint because some of her friends have been threatened, she does not want this type of situation to continue to occur, and because she considers Beltrán as a dangerous person for being a professional MMA fighter.

“She already has a complaint on my part because I fear for my life, I fear that something could do to me and I want it to be known in case something happens to me, it remains in the hands of Marco Beltrán,” she wrote.

In addition to her photos, the young woman also published conversations with the former Exatlón competitor, where she shows that her former partner is aware that she was denounced for violence, adding that she does not believe that this is better for either of them, except for her.

“I’m just going to ask you if you really want that”, “Because if we go to that war, I’m going to use all my resources too and believe me it’s not going to be cool “, “And you spend a lot of money, do you have the money? ? Do you have the energy for that? ”The fighter wrote.

In the same conversation, Beltrán accuses his former partner of having tried to stab him, among other alleged crimes that the young woman would have committed, to which she responds that she acted in self-defense since he would have tried to strangle her.

The alleged victim also denounced through her Instagram stories that the screenshots of her conversations that she had shared are being deleted from the platform because they have been denounced, in addition to the fact that they have tried to steal his identity by creating false profiles.

Currently, Marco Beltrán has his Instagram account as private and the UFC has not commented on it.

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