Lucía Guilmáin, First Mexican Actress, Dies At 83

She was the daughter of Ofelia Guilmáin and sister of Juan Ferrara and Esther Guilmáin; her nephew broke the news on Twitter.

The prominent theater and television actress Lucía Guilmáin,  daughter of Ofelia Guilmáin and sister of Juan Ferrara and Esther Guilmáin, died this Monday at the age of 83, as reported by her nephew,  Óscar Ortiz de Pinedo, through his social networks.

” Today, my aunt, the first actress Lucía Guilmáin, left the earthly plane. My condolences to my cousin,  her grandchildren, Raúl and Caro. Her daughter-in-law, Caro, and her brothers, Juan, Mona, and my mother. Rest in peace the great Lucia Guilmáin, “said the television writer.

The actor and comedian Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo explained how the actress left: ” At  2:30 in the afternoon, being in the company of her son Raúl, her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren, Lucía Guilmáin (Lucía Guilmáin Gutiérrez Puerta). I wish her family a speedy resignation. My sincere condolences.

Who  was  Lucía Guilmáin?

The actress, born on  January 5, 1938, performed in theater, film, and television.

He had a notorious career on the big screen, as he participated in films such as Blacker than the night (2014), Length of war (1976),  Omen (1975), and  Throw your sorrows to the wind (1966).

On television, he acted in soap operas such as El hotel de los secretas (2016),  Amigos x siempre! (2000),   The privilege of loving (1998),  Marisol (1996) and  Un solo corazón (1983).

In addition, he starred in several plays. She highlights that for her participation in the montage of  La casa de Bernarda Alba she received an APT award for best actress.

Regarding her personal life, she was married to the commentator Raúl Orvañanos, with whom she had a son.

Famous people react to the death of  Lucía Guilmáin

” I feel great sadness. RIP my dear Lucia, ” Victoria Ruffo wrote on Twitter.

Actress Sugey Abrego stated that ” while some were vaccinated today, others lost the battle without knowing it.  What a pain.”

Actor and theater producer Roberto Tello pointed out that Lucía was “a strong woman but with a great sense of humor.”

The first actor Otto Sirgo said: ” A very strong hug to the entire Guilmáin-Orvañanos Family for the death of Lucía Guilmáin, a great woman and a close friend.”

The Twitter account of the Mexico City Theater System also expressed its sadness for the death of the actress.

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