Lucho Borrego’s Father Died

The television host Lucho Borrego , one of Telemundo’s most beloved faces, lives a very difficult moment in his life, after the death of his father, which occurred last Friday.

The news was revealed by the host of the television program Suelta la sopa, who took to his social networks to share the painful moment he is going through.

Through his Instagram , with a publication entitled, “The show must continue,” the Colombian animator narrated that the sad news was received in full transmission of the Telemundo program, after one of his sisters called him in one of the cuts commercials to tell you what was happening.

“I want to tell you that without a doubt it has been one of the most difficult moments of my working life. Just before this chat to talk about Maluma, I received a call from my sister Inés to tell me that the doctors did not give my father Luis greater life expectancy (…) He told me that at that moment they were going to say goodbye to him and I asked that they put it on the phone, even though I was unconscious, “Lucho began in his Instagram message .

“Even though they told me to get out of the program, I knew my dad wouldn’t like me to leave my responsibilities halfway through and I opted to at least finish in this segment before saying goodbye to my dad. Seconds later, behind the scenes and where despite my self-control, I collapsed … I could not bear my tears and could not continue, after hanging up the call (…) Half an hour later he died, “added Borrego.

The driver explained that his father’s health was getting weaker and weaker.

“The doctors did not give my dad a longer life expectancy @ borregoabelloluis … it was something for which in theory he was prepared, after the last few days his heart was more affected than usual, touching other vital organs,” he said. the communicator.

Lucho also shared an emotional message to his father, in which he said he was devastated with his loss, but at the same time mentioned that he wanted his father to have more special details with him.

“Daddy I never thought saying goodbye to you was so painful. But God has worked with wisdom and mercy. In spite of everything you were my greatest example. My benchmark for rectitude, firmness, principles and sense of duty and I am proud of your legacy, ”said Borrego.

“You were not a jewel and until the last day you did what you wanted… but your greatest love was your family. You loved us your way and that will be what prevails in me (…) I love you to infinity and I am sure that we will meet but I am going to ask you to give me that long and deep hug that I always needed and did not you gave… ”, concluded Lucho.

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