Lucero Broke The Silence About Her Exclusive Contract With Televisa

The “novia de América” ​​revealed what her working conditions have been with the San Ángel television station while preparing her return as a judge along with Manuel Mijares and Itatí Cantoral in “El Retador”

Lucero, a famous Mexican singer, and actress revealed the conditions under which she worked at Televisa and clarified that at no time did she have an exclusive contract, despite the fact that it was always believed that this was the case. This after announcing her return to the company as a judge for the El Retador program.

During a video that she shared from her YouTube channel, the “novia de México” revealed that she did not maintain an exclusive contract with the San Ángel television station at any time.  however, this rumor made it difficult to have new projects with other companies.

“I never had an exclusive contract, for example, not even with Televisa. When I decided to do a project for another company in the United States, a few years ago, it was like: “Don’t stain … like Lucero? But if Lucero and Televisa are the same, it is that they invented them the same day, “she said.

“Even for me, for the company, and for the public, everything was: ‘No, let’s see, how did she fight? Did they take her out? Yes, because of course, they already discovered all her real ills, and then they took her out, ”she said in reference to what was said when it was thought that she could have lost her job with the Azcárraga company.

In addition, Lucero recognized that not having such a contract helped her maintain professional independence that allowed her to manage according to her wishes.

“The point was that I tried to discover something that today is already very common, that an actor, actress, a singer, can be in different production houses or different companies without the theme that: ‘She’s already gone, they’ve already vetoed her, They already took him away, ‘” she continued.

“I think that artists are universal. Sure, you have to have certain contracts with a record company at certain times. A contract here, a contract there … but this wave of staying forever in the same place is as if you couldn’t travel ”, she concluded.

On the other hand, Lucero prepares her return to the San Ángel television station. Now she will serve as a judge for the reality show El Retador, along with her ex-partner Manuel Mijares and the actress Itatí Cantoral.

The reality show will also feature the participation of the Mexican actress Consuelo Duval, who will be in charge of the program, and the influencer Juan Bertheau, who will play the role of “El Informante”, according to the television station through a press release.

Rubén Galindo, producer of this reality show and of other extremely successful programs, such as Bailando por un Sueño, Pequeños Gigantes and Parodiando, revealed how he managed to convince Lucero and Mijares to be part of El challenger.

“We had invited Lucero and we were looking for a very interesting panel and suddenly we came up with Mirajes. We thought it was a great idea to see them together, as a civilized family and I think it will also be very funny, very entertaining and edifying, even for their children ”, recalled the television creative.

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