The first Mexican actress Leticia Calderon reported “with a broken heart” that her father, Mario Calderon, died.

Lety Calderon reported through Twitter that her father, Mario Calderon, died. Although she did not reveal the cause, days before the Mexican actress shared that he was still hospitalized for coronavirus.

As it will be remembered, in mid-January, Lety revealed through a message on Twitter that her entire family was infected with coronavirus, so at that time she asked for prayers for her health.

Days later, and after being discharged from the hospital where she was admitted, the soap opera villain confirmed that the only one who continued to suffer the ravages of the condition was her father, who unfortunately passed away this day. Rest in peace.

So far the exact cause of her death is unknown, but it should be remembered that just two weeks ago Lety Calderon revealed that she and some of her relatives tested positive for Covid-19.

“Hearts. I did not start this year as I would have liked. Despite all the care, several members of my family, including myself, were affected by this disease,” she wrote.


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