La Casa de Papel: Nairobi Returns In Season 5

The character died in the series but will return in the form of a flashback

The news may surprise fans of the popular series ‘La Casa de Papel’, but, somehow, it is true. Nairobi, one of the main producers, dies in the previous season, making it impossible for her to return on paper.

However, the writers of the series have used a classic device to make it return to the screen. It will do so through flashbacks, so Alba Flores, the actress who plays Nairobi, will meet again with her former colleagues, to the delight of viewers.

In fact, it is no secret that Alba Flores wanted to participate in the series again, as she herself has stated on occasion. Now you will have the opportunity to do so, even if it is by participating in the resources of the protagonists of the current season line of ‘La Casa de Papel’.

The fifth season of the series was scheduled for this spring on Netflix. Anyway, for now, there is no official version of when it will be released. The fourth finished with a very high point of emotion and the fans want to know how it will continue.

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