Kiko Macanudo, Member Of The Grupo Marrano, Dies

Kiko Macanudo was one of the founders of the controversial “Grupo Marrano”, pioneers in the so-called “pornocorridos”

This Sunday, August 29, from the official account of the controversial “Marrano Group” the death of one of its founders, Kiko Macanudo, was confirmed, who by the way would have had his birthday that same day.

So far, neither family, friends nor members of the group that Kiko Macanudo belonged to, have revealed the official causes of his death. Faced with the unfortunate news, fans of the group say they cannot believe such shocking news.

Grupo Marrano, a group that is very active and popular on TikTok, has not disclosed Kiko Macanudo’s cause of death so far.

Who is the Marrano group?

Originally from Monterrey, the group known as “Grupo Marrano” began around 2002 with the sole purpose of having fun and relaxing a bit from our projects in which we were always immersed.
Grupo Marrano is not a conventional group, because, unlike other regional Mexican music groups, it does not sound on the radio or its music videos do not appear on television, this is due to the high degree of use of bad words.

Due to the above, the members of Grupo Marrano have been made responsible for the type of content of their music, therefore, by means of a printed and recorded legend both in audio and video, that the material contains very bad words and that We recommend not showing it to minors, or people who are offended by hearing very strong language and expressions, or by seeing very crude and indecent images.

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