The singer was promoting her new single “Nadie Te Entiende”

Karol Sevilla is admitted to a clinic after she was diagnosed with tonsillitis and her health was affected by the disease. The singer shared through her social networks the support of her followers.

According to the Todo Para la Mujer program, the actress who starred in the series Soy Luna suffers from this throat condition since last weekend, but the young woman continued to promote her last song, No One Understands You until this Monday, July 12.

Despite her slight improvement, she was admitted to the hospital overnight on Tuesday, July 13, after she fainted. “She started again with a sore throat and what do you think, last night she fainted,” commented journalist Ana María Alvarado while sharing the first images of the singer in the clinic.

In the stories that Karol shared through her official Instagram account, she thanked the messages of support and concern for her health, adding that her new song has a million views. “I want to thank you because Nobody Understands You has already reached a million. I’m going to be here celebrating at the hospital. Thank you for all your love, your affection, really what nice support. I promise you that as soon as it comes out I will continue to give notes so that this song reaches a lot of people. I send you lots of kisses and take care of yourselves please ”.

In the following clip, you can see Sevilla in bed, but with a great attitude, she played her latest single and began to dance, again thanking her audience for their support by inserting a few words into the video. “Thanks with all my heart! They raise my spirits and want to get out of here to celebrate. I love you, ”she added.

Karol will star in another series for Disney, which is called Siempre Fui Yo. In this new production, she will play Lupe, a 21-year-old character, a Mexican girl with a life change when her father, represented by Christian Tappan, dies and she decides to travel to Cartagena de Indias for the funeral. “Quickly, he realizes that nothing is what it seems there and decides to enter a musical contest to be close to her father’s environment and investigate his suspicious death,” The MediaPro Studio detailed in a statement.

The singer shared her feelings when she returned to the cameras. “ I’m very excited to get back to acting and to do it in such a compelling story as ‘It was always me’ for a platform like Disney +. I’m sure the Disney + audience is going to love her as much as I do “

In March of this year, Karol participated in the topic From Today, which belongs to the Disney Princess “Time to celebrate” campaign. The young actress told The Associated Press that the song has inspirational phrases from the various productions of the world’s largest entertainment company. “You can hear that ‘sign the step when you grow up is a phrase that comes from Elsa’s Frozen which is the moment when she makes her castle and more phrases from the movies that have represented us and have a message and are iconic.

The official video was recorded in February and in this, the singer appears with various princesses. One of the motivating phrases of the song is: “you will be the one who will make you happy from today”, Seville agrees with the lyrics. “From today you have to be yourself, no one will see for your dreams, only you are the only captain of your own ship. I think it’s that. From today on, you will realize that you are there for you ”, she said.

Today, Thursday, a Karol concert will be broadcast at 8:00 p.m. (Mexico City time) through Facebook Live, so it will be free.

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