Karina Castaneda, Actress of “Chiquilladas”, Dies At 47

A member of the mythical series of Chiquilladas died still young and speculation about the causes of her death has already begun.

At just 47 years old, the actress Karina Castañeda died, who surely marked the childhood of thousands of people in Mexico thanks to the fact that she played ” Chistorita “, a character from the program ” Chiquilladas “, which was an important part of the history of the television entertainment in the 1980s across the country.

It was the famous ‘Magician Rody’, a friend and companion of the actress who announced that Karina Castañeda died and left a hole that was impossible to fill in the Chiquilladas lineup. In addition to the magician, she shared the stage with Carlos Espejel, who was one of the great stars of the children’s program.

Karina Castañeda played ” Chistorita ” in the sketch “Fulanita la huerfanita”, which was a role that marked a turning point in her career. Although she continued to try to be a recognized actress, after the children’s program she was unable to consolidate her career, but she was always recognized by the artistic medium.

Likewise, the actress who died from Chiquilladas will be remembered as the adorable assistant to ‘Magician Rody!’, who made thousands of children laugh in the 80’s thanks to this program that was the hotbed of great talent on Mexican television that dessert, they became entertainment stars.

The interpreter of & # 39; Chistorita & # 39; died on the night of last Tuesday, October 4, so her remains were veiled in the company of her loved ones and away from the media because she was focused on the fight against the disease that ended with her life.

The first versions handled by ‘El Fonografía’ quote that close friends of the actress Karina Castañeda pointed out that the actress died at the age of 47, a victim of cancer, this after a strong fight against this disease for several years that ended her life. by surprise and puts the entire cast of Chiquilladas in mourning.

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