Julio César Chávez Jr. Announced His Divorce From Frida Muñoz

Julio César Chávez Jr. announced on Tuesday afternoon that he had begun the divorce process for Frida Muñoz. Through a statement from his legal team, the boxer explained that the decision was made due to differences of interest.

The couple had their baby less than a year ago, which was named Julio in honor of his grandfather Julio César Chávez, who boasted his grandson on his social networks making a joke commenting that “this is going to be the good one”, referring to the boxing practice that the Chávez family has always led.

The pertinent legal procedures are being carried out, so it is expected that Frida Muñoz will accept and sign the process to end her marital bond with Chávez Jr.

In the same statement, it was clarified that Chávez Jr. will take charge of the psychological integrity and economic tranquility of his children, for which he demands that the process be carried out peacefully and by legal means.

“On the instructions of Mr. ´ Julio César Chávez Jr.,´ this firm is kind enough to communicate that it is the intention of our client to carry out the pertinent legal procedures in order to dissolve the marital bond that to date has been maintained with his respectable wife. Mrs. Frida Muñoz Román. The foregoing as a consequence of the disparity of respectable interests that have been generated between the spouses still over time ”.

his marital breakdown has as a background the various problems with addictions that the boxer faced, which occurred after his fight with “Canelo” Álvarez. Because of this, Frida did not allow him to see her daughters, and according to Chávez Jr., she accused him of having a bad reputation and even turning against her own father.

In an interview for ESPN, Julio César commented that his addictions were “something that made no sense, something silly. Today I see it and I say: how is it possible that he has reached that point of being drugged, plastered on social networks? I see it and I am ashamed. I don’t like it, I don’t know how I could encourage myself to be able to do that kind of thing ”.

He commented that to get off drugs he helped his father, who was scared to see him in these conditions and because he had also gone through that process. “I have been to the clinic. My dad has helped me a lot ”.

Also who has been in the controversy has been Frida Muñoz, since she had a relationship and a daughter with Edgar Guzmán, a descendant of the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, “Chapo” Guzmán, it is not yet known if Chávez Jr. and Frida are They met after or before Edgar’s death, but she agrees to have no relationship with the criminal group.

In addition to these problems, Chávez Jr. has had various controversies in his professional boxing career, these began in 2009 when the young man tested positive for anti-doping after his fight against Troy Rowland. In November of that same year, the report indicated that he had furosemide in his blood, an illegal substance that has diuretic effects, facilitating weight loss.

In 2013, he was sanctioned by the Nevada Athletic Commission for USD 900 thousand and nine months of inactivity, this for the use of marijuana. Two years later, prior to his fight against Marcos “Dorado” Reyes, the Junior did not give the weight, which was agreed at 169 pounds and reached 171. By 2016, Chávez Jr. decided to cancel the two bouts that he had. agreed.

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