The actor and theater and television director Jose Angel Garcia, father of Gael Garcia Bernal, died at 62 years of age after being hospitalized for pulmonary fibrosis.

The current partner of the actor, who appeared in soap operas like “Dos Mujeres un Camino”, confirmed his death through social networks.

“In paradise is my love, my heaven, my life! In our Avalon, we will meet again, my everything! I love you forever and ever, my teacher, the love of my life “

Bella de la Vega, partner of Jose Angel Garcia

Jose Angel Garcia, father of Gael Garcia, one of the best actors of the 21st century, according to The New York Times , was hospitalized in an emergency after presenting breathing difficulties derived from pulmonary fibrosis that he suffered. The father of fellow actor Gael Garcia Bernal had very weak lungs, according to the first medical report.

So far Gael Garcia Bernal has not commented on the death of his father.

The actress Bella de la Vega was the one who made known the actor‘s health complications through a post on Facebook.

“I humbly ask for a collective prayer for the health and recovery of my beloved husband, Jose Angel Garcia Huerta, who is fighting a battle for his life against pulmonary fibrosis. God and Virgin of Guadalupe: help my husband to heal and continue being the honest, fair, and hardworking man that he has always been, with that joy, energy and good humor that make him a special being “

Bella de la Vega, partner of Jose Angel Garcia

Jose Angel Garcia did not want to go to the hospital …

In an interview for the show program Ventaneando, the actor’s partner explained that he had problems with his lungs since days before arriving at the hospital, but had preferred not to go into the hospital due to the health situation in the country.

“Since we returned from Cancun, he already had a small infection in the urinary tract, so it was complicated by a problem that he has called idiomatic pulmonary fibrosis and it was complicated by this situation”

Bella de la Vega, partner of Jose Angel Garcia

Who was Jose Angel Garcia, a TV star?

Jose Angel Garcia is an actor and director of theater and television in Mexico. He began his career when he was 14 years old with appearances on various soap operas.

As a director, he was in charge of the soap operas “La Fuerza del Destino”, “Libre Para Amarte” and “Mujer de Madera”. His most current work was “La Rosa de Guadalupe”

The actor and theater and television director Jose Angel Garcia were born in 1950 in Huetamo, Michoacan in Mexico. Currently, the Mexican interpreter resided in Cancun in the company of his sentimental partner, the actress Bella de la Vega.

Garcia is recognized in Mexican lands for his participation in television series such as “La Seduccion” (1981), “The day Pedro Infante died” (1982), “Yesenia” (1987), “La Telaraña” (1990), “Nadie it’s perfect ”(1999),“ Between love and hate ”(2002),“ Loving you is my sin ”(2004),“ Woman, real-life cases ”(2005),“ I don’t believe in men ” (2014), “The candidate” (2016) and “Here on Earth” (2018).

Jose Angel Garcia was one of the most representative actors in the television industry in Mexico in the 1980s. Despite being away from acting for a few years, Garcia continued working as a director with several episodes of “La Rosa de Guadalupe ”.

The Mexican actor is survived by his two sons, Gael Garcia Bernal and Jose Emilio Garcia Rios, and his wife, actress Bella de la Vega.

What is pulmonary fibrosis?

Pulmonary fibrosis is a disease that occurs when the lung tissue becomes thicker than normal and stiffer, causing difficulties in breathing, as scars can occur inside the lungs.

It is a serious disease, because as it progresses it is more difficult to breathe, according to information from the Mayo Clinic.

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