Jeyvier Cintrón And Jacobo García, Suspended From Exatlón Estados Unidos

According to the driver of the competition, Frederik Oldenburg, the warning will last one week

A week without stepping on the sands of Exatlón United States. That is the time that the Puerto Rican Jeyvier Cintrón and the Mexican Jacobo García will have to serve for “breach of contract.”

“As you can see, Jeyvier Cintrón and Jacobo García are not in the Famosos team. To protect the integrity of the competition there are strict rules that all athletes must follow. Jacobo and Jeyvier have not followed some of these rules, which is why both athletes are suspended for a week of competition, ”said host Frederik Oldenburg without going into details.

In addition to the new circuits, the fifth season of the “fiercest competition on the planet” has been marked by the different sanctions for athletes for faults on the “reality show” contract.

Oldenburg announced a few weeks ago that Denisse Novoa , former contestant of the Contendientes team, and Frank Beltre , former contestant of the Famosos, were expelled from the competition for having fallen into a rule break. Along with them, six participants joined who, although they were not expelled, did result with a sanction that kept them out of the competition for several days. They were: Norma Palafox Nathalia Sánchez , Eric “Showtime” Alejandro , Rafael “El Brujo” Soriano , Octavio “Tavo” González and Viviana Michell .

The expulsions and sanctions are two unprecedented measures that have not had to be implemented in the past four seasons of the television show.

Last night, when the 17th week of the 2021 season was completed, Rafael “El Brujo” Soriano was eliminated after facing Horacio Gutierrez Jr. , both from the Contendientes “team”.

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