Jenni Rivera’s last concert: Watch the video here

Today marks eight years of the mourning anniversary of Jenni Rivera, considered one of the most important singers of group music and with an outstanding artistic career that is backed by great musical successes that will last over time.

Jenni Rivera died at the age of 43 on December 9, 2012, after the plane she was traveling on collapsed at an altitude of 27,000 meters in the town of Iturbide, Nuevo León in Mexico. At that time, the tragic death of the star caused great shock worldwide.

La Diva de la Banda sold more than 25 million records in her lifetime and around 10 million copies after her unfortunate death, making her the most important Sinaloan band performer of all time.

Rivera began recording music in 1991 and the lyrics of her songs were characterized by addressing social issues, infidelities, and love relationships.


Throughout her artistic career, Jenni Rivera was nominated for 113 awards and managed to win 69 awards. The singer was honored with 22 recognitions at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, 18 statuettes from the Premios Lo Nuestro, 11 recognitions from the Billboard Mexican Music Awards and 1 award from the BMI Awards.

Despite her impeccable musical career, Rivera was never awarded an award in the history of the Latin Grammy. However, it was nominated four times in the categories of “Best Band Album” and “Best Ranchero Album”.

Among Jenni Rivera’s most representative musical songs, great hits stand out such as “Unforgettable”, “In exchange for what”, “Enough already”, “The great lady”, “Contrabando” and “No forgetting”.


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One day before her death, Jenni Rivera gave a masterful concert to 15 thousand people at the Arena Monterrey in the city of Monterrey in Mexico. Throughout her presentation, Rivera delighted the audience with her melodious voice to the rhythm of musical themes such as “Mi vida loca” and “Chuper Amigos”.

In her last concert, Rivera was effusive on stage and wore a fuchsia wardrobe with flowers stamped throughout the design that she wore tight to her figure.

The death of the singer left a great void between her fans who used to attend her box office concerts in large cities in Mexico and the United States to witness her imposing talent completely live.


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