Jacqie Rivera Broke The Silence After Being Declared Executor Of Jenni’s Inheritance

The daughter of “La Diva de la Banda” considered staying on the sidelines so as not to hurt family members

After being announced as the new executor of the inheritance of Jenni Rivera, her daughter, Jacqie revealed how the process of being the new face of the administration of the assets of “La Diva de la Banda” is going.

In a meeting with the press during an event, Jacqueline Melina Marín Rivera shared the reason why she was declared the chosen one to manage her mother’s assets.  My mom left a lot of detail on how she wanted things. What is happening now is because I finally felt determined and ready. I’m starting training, I’m learning a lot. It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot that my uncles had to take care of and I appreciate all the work they did, ”said the 32-year-old woman.

The Rivera Dynasty has been very discreet with the information about the new executor, but Jacqie explained how the preparation process has been. “I am indifferent boards, learning all the contracts they have, I am very focused, it is my passion, but I am also understanding a little to handle myself in everything, ” Rivera revealed.

In addition, she responded about how she plans to handle the situation even though She has made it clear that the break-in of her family due to the death of her mother in 2012 is still an open wound. “As an executor, I don’t think it is possible to mix, being an executor is more business and that is what I am learning right now with my family. It is very painful because I love each one of the people and I can see the pain they carry, ”said José Trinidad Marín’s daughter.

For a few months, Jacqie has made it clear that her mother’s departure is a situation that continues to affect her and her family, not only in the private sphere but also in the public sphere. “It is not easy to lose such a great person, not only in the world but in our family she was the one who brought peace and I believe that we are all still healing, we really did not have the time to heal in private, from the moment she left. we were there in the public ”, declared for the Youtube channel Nelssie Carrillo.

Finally, Rivera refused to talk about whether or not there were anomalies in the administration of the inheritance, as the children of “La Gran Señora” have declared. “I’m going to stay out of the way because I love you all,” she replied, thinking her comment, “It can be taken out of context and I have to be wise,” she said.

It was Juan Rivera, through the Chisme No Like program, who confirmed that Rosie would no longer be in charge of managing Jenni Rivera Enterprises Inc.

“We wanted to keep it as quiet as possible to give my niece the opportunity to prepare, to learn, to develop a little and in six months and to present her as the executor of everything for my sister. Unfortunately, it leaked like so many things and we have to grab the bull by the horns ”, declared the singer.

In addition to the news, it came to light that the children of the “Mariposa de Barrio” asked their aunt for an audit in order to find out the status of the company, and they reported that the provisions of Jenni Rivera had not been complied with, what sparked rumours, criticism and a strong confrontation between the members of the family.

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