The young woman would have undergone treatment to avoid excessive sweating.

Unfortunately, social networks have reported the death of Odalis Santos, a young influencer and athlete, from Gualadajara, who was hired for a beauty campaign and ended up dead.

Through Instagram stories, the young woman shared stories that indicated a treatment called “Mira Dy” would be carried out with the company “Skin Piel”, in order to avoid excessive sweating.

In them, it is shown how he is inside the clinic with a woman, who explains the treatment process, which apparently was “easy and safe”. However, it was the opposite.

Hours later, friends of the influencer reported her death and reported negligence to the beauty clinic, for not being trained for a medical emergency like the one that apparently occurred with Santos.

She was a young entrepreneur, athlete, and full of dreams; Today she died, she died of negligence in a clinic where she underwent treatment to reduce armpit sweating. Odalis Santos Mena was an athlete and influencer in Guadalajara, and this morning she went to the SkinPiel clinic, where she had been hired to promote a sweat reduction treatment that promised to be easy and safe.
Netizens pointed out, after asking for justice for Odalis for medical negligence

According to “Misses de México”, on Instagram, the site where the young athlete participated, they pointed out that “By a statement from direct family members, it was confirmed that she did not receive professional assistance during her intervention. The clinic was negligent since it does not have the necessary Essential health requirements requested by #Cofepris in the event of a medical emergency; those who attended her were not specialist doctors but employees and did not take the necessary measures to carry out the treatment. Given what happened, her family reported the facts to the # FiscalíaDelEstadoDeJalisco, and a research folder was opened. “

So far, the clinic has not ruled on the matter. However, it is known that the family has already started a lawsuit against him.


Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, the influencer was studying the first semester of Nutrition, and recently   23-year-old Odalis Santos had won first place in “Wellness Fitness Juvenil”.

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