“I Live In Fear” Bárbara De Regil Breaks The Silence About Alleged Harassment

“Today I feel beaten by you Aries, I live in fear”: Bárbara de Regil breaks the silence about alleged harassment

Honest and brave as she has always been, Bárbara de Regil once again faced the controversies that weigh against her, and through a forceful message to the nutritionist who accuses her of harassment, Aries Terrón, the actress made it clear that the doctor He has achieved what he wanted so much, to become famous, without caring about other people.

“You, who for the simple fact that I am a woman and I am an actress, you assumed that my product would be bad. But do you know what Aries? I forgive you, I release you and I understand you, did you want fame? You already have it, I imagine that was what you aspired to. All to make you famous, what do others matter? “.


It was through a letter that Bárbara de Regil referred to Aries Terrón and explained how she learned of its existence a year ago when the nutritionist began to criticize her protein “Loving It”.

“Dear Aries, I don’t know you but obviously I found out about you a year ago because of the attacks and reviews you made about me, my protein, the messages we exchanged that since then you already said were threats. I want to tell you that I wish you good and all the professional success. If you don’t like my protein or don’t consider it ideal, I respect it ”.

However, Bárbara de Regil made it clear that from the criticisms that Aries Terrón made about her protein, she has begun to receive constant and worrying threats of all kinds, which not only involve her, but her entire family.

“Today I feel beaten by you and by all those who were carried away by your misinformation. I live in fear because I am, I am being threatened, and not only me, my family as well; my daughter, my mom, my sister, the people who work with me. If you could see the messages that come to me. They threaten that they are going to rape me, that they are going to kill me. That they are going to rape my daughter and that they are going to kill her too and of course I am going to file my complaints and not against you, Aries, but against all the people who violate a woman like you did, ”the Rosario Tijeras actress in front of the camera.

The famous explained that although she knows that social networks are a new form of public lynching, she decided to remain on the platforms, but the constant attacks have deteriorated her mental health:

“There is nothing worse than living with fear, worry, sadness, and anxiety and having to do everything with tweezers because I already think that breathing is making mistakes and being judged. I began to experience hatred and defamation of others, and I understood that this is the game of the networks. I decided to stay and endure but these last few days have been terrible because I live a constant attack that accepted, it already affected me. It has already affected my emotional health, especially today with the supposed threat to a nutritionist.

And although he reflected that at the beginning of the launch of Loving It they had a labeling error, which Aries Terrón pointed out, the reality is that Barbara de Regil’s opinion that matters is that of international and national health organizations:

“I also accept that in the beginning we had a labeling error that you pointed out and I thank you. Do you know what is truly relevant to me, Aries? The opinion of Cofepris, the opinion of the FDA and the opinion of all the experts involved in Loving It ”.


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