How To Watch “El Diván De Valentina” For Free And online

Fans of this series of Eleven Children will be able to relive the adventures of this girl

Through its Facebook page, Channel Once of the National Polytechnic Institute ( IPN ) notified its followers that the series El Diván de Valentina is now available on its official website.

To see this production, fans of this series only have to access the Channel 11 page and select the chapter they want, in this portal all 3 seasons are available and no payment or login is required.

The program has 52 episodes and was broadcast from April 30, 2002 to November 16, 2005 , however it was part of the Eleven Children section until 2015 , there it had several retransmissions at different times. It is currently off the air.

Other Channel Once programs available on its website are Conversing with Christina Pacheco , La Maroma Estelar , XY , Malinche and Soy tu fan , this series is being broadcast at dawn on Thursdays. On his YouTube channel you can also see the Futboleros series .

The plot revolved around Valentina – played by Irene Garibay -, a girl who “reflects and faces the adventure of growing up , with all that this implies: learning to know each other and make decisions ” according to the official synopsis of Serie; she learns everything related to friendships , sibling relationships, and family dynamics.

“It’s marathon Friday! Of course we have for you the best series of all time: “Valentina’s divan” . Run to see her at #OnceDigital ! https: //bit.ly3aZLJ1s ”, wrote the page of this channel.

Many of the followers of the page fondly remembered the adventures of the Valdivia family ” Nostalgia for the good, I loved seeing her on Sunday mornings, what times!” and “That is worth seeing, entertaining and with a message always, this is quality ” were some of the messages that filled the comment box.

At the beginning of the series, Valentina is 9 years old and her family has just moved house; the program follows the growth of this girl until the end of her puberty , her character is characterized by intelligence and loyalty to her friends , she constantly talks to the camera because in each episode she makes reflections sitting on a white couch.

The protagonist’s favorite brother is Benny – Erich Harrsh -, who likes aliens and technology , this boy is about 12 years old ; her older sister is called Vicky – played by Hannah Recinas – and she is around 16 , so her concerns revolve around her boyfriend and issues not so tied to childhood; last is Bruno , who is still a baby.

The father of the four boys is an architect and was played by Dino García , who was part of the cast of La Boda de la abuela (2019). Her mother is named Bertha and the actress who gave her life was Irela de Villers , whose most recent project was Nocturno (2016), a thriller about a nurse and a convalescent man.

The actress who gave life to Valentina is called Irene Garibay and is currently not related to the world of acting , she has a craft beer business and also teaches yoga classes according to her Instagram profile.

Erich Harrsh , who played Benny , keeps his Instagram account private so he does not reveal much about his personal life, however he participates in the Channel 11 sitcom called Fonda Susilla , starring Diego Jáuregui , Karina Gidi and Idzi Dutkiewicz among other talents.

On the other hand, the grandmother of the Valdivia family, named Mamaí, was played by Nelly Horsman , voice actress known for having been the voice of Patty in the animated series The Simpsons.


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