One of the most anticipated days for all RBD fans has finally arrived, the Mexican group will meet in a unique musical show that will be broadcast virtually 12 years after the last concert they offered.

“Ser o Parecer” is the name of the RBD show that will be broadcast today virtually from Mexico City and can be tuned in by fans from around the world.

Maite Perroni, Anahí, Christopher von Uckermann and Christian Chavez are the only members of the group that will be part of the RBD reunion. For their part, Dulce Maria and Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera left the project for personal reasons that prevented them from being present.

The long-awaited reunion of RBD is scheduled to last two hours, a time frame in which the four members of the group will delight their fans with their most representative musical themes.

Anyone wishing to enjoy RBD’s “Ser o Parecer” show must purchase their tickets through the project’s official website. Currently, only $ 25 and $ 30 tickets are available.

RBD’s musical performance will be broadcast today via the official website beginning at 6:00 PM Eastern Time. Any fan who wishes to witness it must have the previous purchase of a ticket.

The show “Ser o Parecer” will also offer a tribute to all RBD fans, so anyone who wants to tune in can do so through the home page of the official website completely free of charge.

RBD’s virtual concert was confirmed at the end of September of 2020. Since then, the members of the musical band that will be part of the event have been working exhaustively to provide a show of height to each of their fans who they paid to see them together again.

Through digital platforms, RBD fans were disappointed with the absence of Dulce María and Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera at the expected concert. However, Dulce María is completely focused on her maternal side with the recent birth of her firstborn, while Herrera has been dedicating herself exclusively to projects in the acting industry.

In a recent interview with People en Espanol magazine, the RBD members confessed that Christopher von Uckermann was in charge of suggesting the idea of ​​a possible reunion of the youth group where they could meet with their thousands of fans.

“It would have been very nice to be able to be the six, but it is important to respect our decisions and understand them,” confessed Maite Perroni in an interview with People en Español, referring to the absence of Dulce María and Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera in the reunion.

Many fans have been excited about the idea of ​​possible musical projects that may arise after the RBD show “Ser o Parecer”, so Christopher von Uckermann pointed out in an interview with People en Espanol that he plans to close his professional cycle with the group after concluding the concert that they will offer in the afternoon of this December 26.

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