This Monday, December 28, the singer-songwriter of classic romantic boleros that have accompanied the love affairs of many couples in the Hispanic world, Armando Manzanero, ceased to exist, after suffering for several days the ravages and complications caused by Covid-19.

The gentleman of the bolero whose lyrics belonged to many of his love experiences was a great romantic who had during his life several women who were the muses of his inspiration. His first girlfriend and wife Maria Elena Arjona Torres was a school love that began since he was 14 years old, and that after living for six years, a relationship managed to formalize in a marriage wedding held in 1957.

The Yucatecan composer married five times and had seven children: Juan Pablo, Diego, Armando, Martha, Maria Elena, Mainca and Rodrigo.

Armando Manzanero children
Armando Manzanero, Maria Elena Arjona Torres and their children

Armando Manzanero, who died of cardiac arrest after presenting complications from covid-19 , had five marriages of which he had seven children:  Maria Elena, Martha, Armando, Diego, Juan Pablo, Mainca and Rodrigo; however, not all of them were dedicated to music as their father did.

Armando Manzanero’s children

The first time Armando Manzanero got married was at the age of 22, in 1957. According to the composer, the dating relationship he had with Maria Elena Arjona Torres lasted seven years. They met when they were 14 years old and married after seven years of dating.

With her, the Yucatecan composer was married for three years and had four children: Armando, Diego, Martha and Maria Elena. Armando Manzanero’s eldest son is 61 years old.

“I lasted three years. I think it was a tremendous mistake because my father told me, no or do it because you are going to live longer, you are going to go to other places, you have to know if your wife is going to like you to live traveling or that you live going out at night, “he said in an interview for The minute that changed my destiny with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

During the time the composer was hospitalized, the four children were the ones who gave information to the media about Armando Manzanero’s state of health.

According to Efe, the singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero sang two years ago for the first time with his daughter Maria Elena Manzanero in the concert “Tribute to Merida”, within the framework of the 477 years since the founding of this city in southeastern Mexico.

Armando Manzanero children
Maria Elena and Martha, Armando Manzanero’s two oldest daughters | Martha Manzanero

Children out of wedlock

Despite the fact that Armando Manzanero was married at least four more times, he had three more children in other relationships in which he did not get married:  Juan Pablo, Mainca and Rodrigo.

Juan Pablo Manzanero

Juan Pablo Manzanero Blum was born on November 12 in Mexico City. At  the age of four he began to study music, learning to write notes before the alphabet.

Later, he entered the Center for Research and Studies of Music (CIEM). When he was seventeen he met Nacho Cano, a member of Mecano, who produced his first album Cruce en el andén, under the BMG label.

As a composer, he has scored more than ten feature films, including High Tension, and has written for artists such as Cristian Castro, Sasha, Yahir, Ricky Martin, Flans, Tania Libertad, and even his father, Maestro Manzanero. his father, in addition to his sheets; however, one of the most important stages of his life was his fight against cancer. Currently, Mainca works at Fucam, whom he thanked at an event for their help against the fight against cancer and where he cares for patients with this disease.

Martha Manzanero in statements made to EFE news had expressed that in view of the fact that her father had been hospitalized for complications from Covid-19, she and her brothers had decided to travel to Mexico, to give support and be aware of the health of their father, of whom he referred to as a “Warrior”.

My father is a warrior, the doctors have said that they will do everything possible to get him out of that disease, said last Thursday the youngest daughter of the Manzanero Arjona family, without specifying in which hospital in Mexico City, where he is hospitalized.

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For her part, her daughter Maria Elena had stated that her father was showing improvement, which greatly encouraged the family, leading them to consider a beach vacation after the full recovery of the bolero voice.

Armando Manzanero children
Facebook | @MarthaManzanero

“We put up a notebook so that when he has time he can maybe write something because he is very uncomfortable being alone, he is a very positive man (he told us) ‘Why are we going to go to the beach?’ because we really like the beach. We like to go to San Bruno, in Yucatan, which is a very beautiful, very quiet beach, to which we have been a lot since we were children. Because it is also very convenient for anyone who has a pulmonary or heart condition to be near the sea and right now we discussed it with the doctor and he said yes, “said Maria Elena for the Ventaneando program.

Likewise, the teacher is attributed to two other biological children known in the world of entertainment. Rodrigo Manzanero, who has caused much controversy by having accused his father of abandonment, accusations that the renowned bolero player contradicted at the time, arguing that his family and children were everything to him.

Of Juan Pablo Manzanero, the other son, the best known for having followed in his father’s footsteps in the art of music since he was 17 years old, it is known that he has recorded several albums as a soloist, but also that he has made other recordings in collaboration with his father, which today that the teacher is no longer, will surely be kept for posterity within a great musical legacy.

About this son, Mr. Armando Manzanero referred to in the following words :

“If I go from this world to another dimension, what I am going to owe to God is wonderful. They don’t know what a beautiful life I’ve had. If I have had problems, it was: getting on a first-class plane and not reaching my legs to the ground! Or reach out on a table and miss the salt for these short arms! Bastards like me who knows when they’re born? I had love, seven children, sixteen grandchildren. One alone has made me a musician ”. Armando Manzanero has the huskiest voice ever. He swallows and his throat seems to work like a grater. What does the acoustic format matter if what emerges from that tiny resonance box is fire? From that fire Juan Pablo was born, twice as tall, twice as loud. “This son of mine – he raises his index finger – is better than me.” It was his words.

Finally, from Mainca Manzanero, another of Armando Manzanero’s daughters, it is known that she fought one of the most important battles of his life against cancer, and that she currently works at Fucam, a non-profit Civil Association that offers the Mexican woman specialized in breast cancer treatment, and to whom she thanked at an event for their help against the fight against cancer and where she cares for patients with this disease.

Also within the offspring left by the “Rey del Romanticismo” are his grandchildren Valentina, Joel, Emiliano, Aaron, Sebastian, Isabela, Natalia, Ines, Jose Maria, Mariana, Ximena, Andrea, Jorge and Alejandro.

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