How Did Yrma Lydya Die? What Happened To Her? We Explain

Yrma Lydya’s husband, a 79-year-old lawyer, shot her at least three times after arguing at the Suntory restaurant in Mexico City, according to Mexican media reports.

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Yrma Lydya, a Mexican regional singer, died this Thursday, June 23, at the age of 21. According to reports from authorities and the Mexican press, the young woman was allegedly murdered by her husband with three shots from a firearm in a restaurant in the Del Valle neighborhood, in Mexico City.

The Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar García Harfuch, reported that the artist died after receiving three shots in the chest, after an argument with her husband in a private room of the Suntory restaurant, located on Torres Adalid street.

A man identified as Jesús Hernández Alcocer, 79, a lawyer, and her driver, 46, were arrested after trying to flee in a luxury car.

“We have two detainees and they are both men, the alleged person responsible for injuring her wife and the driver who was with him,” reported Omar García Harfuch.

According to the information presented in Imagen Noticias, an investigation folder would have been started under the femicide protocol.

What Happened To Yrma Lydya?

The singer Dulce identified the victim of the shooting, in an interview with El Universal, as Yrma Lydya Gamboa, with whom she would share the stage next Saturday, June 25, in Los Angeles, California, during the GranDiosas show.

“It is very shocking that anyone’s life is torn away, but more so a 21-year-old girl who had her life ahead of her and who was so full of dreams,” Dulce told the Mexican newspaper.
The deceased was one of the guests at the show in which singers such as Rocío Banquells, Manoella Torres, María Conchita Alonso, among other renowned artists, participate.

“The problem is not that she is or is not for the show, the problem is that they killed a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her, it is an aberration,” Dulce added.
The interpreter of ‘Your doll’ mentioned that days before she met with Yrma Lydya and her mother to live together and get to know each other better. She commented that a friendship was beginning to emerge between them.

“We saw each other three days ago, we were at my house listening to some songs, we went to eat with her mother, the friendship began,” she explained.

Dulce pointed out that in the time she shared with Yrma Lydya she did not notice conflicts between her and her partner and said that she and her companions on the show did not know if they were married.

“She went out with a man who for me was a gentleman, I never saw any gesture of violence, I don’t know other people saw it. Despite the age difference, I saw that they got along well, I really did not understand what happened, “she assured.

Despite the death, the GranDiosas tour will continue as I agreed on the agenda with presentations in cities such as Puebla, Toluca, and Guadalajara.

Who was Yrma Lydya?

Yrma Lydya started her career in music at the age of 14, she debuted in 2015 with her album Gift from God’. At the age of 18, she performed with the Chamber Orchestra of Fine Arts and later she was part of television programs such as ‘La hora nacional’, ‘Fiesta Mexicana, and in 2020 she participated in ‘My purpose 2020’ of Las stars.

In an interview with the late actress Carmen Salinas, Yrma Lydya mentioned that since childhood she had a taste for music and sports. She said that she was the champion of artistic gymnastics in the children’s category.

During the program on YouTube “Chatting with you”, by Carmen Salinas, she goes out of her way to praise the young woman and her partner, whom she mentions as her husband.
“How he loves you, and how he cares for you and how attentive and polite,” said Carmen Salinas in the program published on July 30, 2021.

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