Here’s Why Christian Nodal And Belinda Really Broke Up

We tell you what is known about the new rumors of an alleged separation between Belinda and Christian Nodal, a few days before Valentine’s Day.

The singer Christian Nodal has confirmed that his relationship with Belinda ended. In a statement issued through Instagram, the artist said that the wedding plans he had with the actress and the relationship he had with her came to the “end” of her. The couple began their media romance in August 2020.

Through his Instagram stories, the 23-year-old published a statement in which he confirmed the news of the end of his wedding commitment and love relationship with the actress.
Christina Nodal and Belinda have finished

In the message that the interpreter of “Goodbye love” posted on Instagram, he asked for respect for the decision they had made and wished the best to who was going to be his wife.
“I want to share with you that we have decided to end our commitment and our relationship as a couple,” reads the initial part of the text, “each taking the best of the other.”

“With great gratitude for having accompanied us during this time. I ask for respect for the decision we have made, where each one will live their separation process in their own way and always wishing the other the best for the times lived and those of trial as well.”

To the media: with great respect, we inform you that I will not talk about it anymore. I send you a lot of love, Nodal.”

Belinda published a message after Christian Nodal’s separation announcement.

In this time of pain, we are grieving one of the dearest people in our family. With love, it would be to respect each other and give space to all communications and opinions since we can all go through great and painful losses. We appreciate your understanding,” she wrote.

Belinda published a message

This was the relationship between Nodal and Belinda

Christian Nodal and Belinda made their courtship official in early August 2020, after they coincided as judges of the Mexican reality show “La voz México”.

Their relationship was involved in controversy, as it happened only a few months after she was romantically linked to Lupillo Rivera, who even had the singer’s face tattooed on one of her arms.

In addition, it was also criticized that she was 9 years older than Nodal, however, they faced the accusations and shouted their love from the rooftops.
By the end of May 2021, they were surprised by announcing their engagement. Nodal gave him an expensive 12-carat engagement ring that was valued at 3 million dollars, according to what Omar Rosales, the jeweler the artist went to, told El Gordo and La Flaca.

But in the midst of wedding plans, rumors began to emerge that the singer was not well seen by Christian Nodal’s family. In some media, it was claimed that one of her disagreements was that she made him spend a lot of money.

On several occasions, it was pointed out that the singer’s mother, Christy Nodal, did not agree with the courtship or with the commitment, and it was even said that the relationship between him and Belinda was not the best.

However, the interpreter’s mother made it clear on some occasions that she did have respect for the singer with messages dedicated to her on Instagram.

Even so, at various times in the couple’s relationship, it was speculated that they had ended. Those rumors became stronger when, on more than one occasion, the singers stopped following each other on Instagram, causing anxiety among their fans.

Just at the end of last November, Christian Nodal happily shared his wedding plans in an exclusive interview with Despierta América on Sunday and confirmed that the civil one would come “soon” and the religious one in 2022.

“We want a wedding, obviously. We want the nun for next year, but the civil wedding is coming very soon first,” he said without hesitation to Raúl González. Today, those plans have ended.

Christian Nodal deleted all traces of Belinda on Instagram and both stopped following each other

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