Guerreros 2021 Against Esto Es Guerra Perú: When And Where To See The Confrontation

On August 24, the competitors of Guerreros 2021 linked live with Esto es Guerra: el Origen, the Peruvian reality show that has the same format but is broadcast in this Latin American country.

The objective of this call was to agree when the Mexican Leones and Cobras players would have a confrontation against those of Peru, a country where the teams are called exactly the same and are represented with the same colors.

As Guerreros 2021 is weeks away, the hosts of both reality shows decided that the meeting would take place a week before its possible end date. Apparently, the reality show hosted by Tania Rincón along with Mauricio Barcelata would end between September 13 and 19.

That is why the duel between Guerreros 2021 and Esto es Guerra will take place next Monday, September 6, during the live call Johanna San Miguel and Gian Piero Díaz, hosts of the Peruvian program, agreed that the meeting will be at the facilities of Televisa San Angel.

“ALL AGREED! @estoesguerraperutv and @guerrerosofmx will face each other on September 6, “wrote the official account of the Peruvian program.

For this special event, each program will select 12 of its contestants, that is, six women and six men who will represent their country in the duel. To decide the names of these participants, the reality shows will organize a competition that will serve as a filter.

Although there is no official information on whether the transmission will be simultaneous in both countries or if there will be any modification in the schedules, in Mexico the program is broadcast on Channel 5 of Televisa at 8:00 p.m. and in Peru at 6:50 p.m. on the channel America Television.

In addition to the Peruvian and Mexican editions, this sports contest format also has its Puerto Rican, Colombian, Panamanian, and Bolivian versions. The current edition of Peru has a team called Combatientes, made up of members from last season who compete with the Guerreros (cobras and lions).

Guerreros is a television program format with high-speed circuits, some involve skills such as climbing, jumping, or maintaining balance in each obstacle, the objective is to achieve a better time and effectiveness than the opposing team.

The path of Guerreros 2021 has not been easy, because a few days after starting filming, an outbreak of coronavirus infections was registered, to preserve the health of healthy competitors, the production of the said program made the decision to suspend the recordings for one week. When they returned to activities, a group of replacements covered the contestants who were resting.

“There was a re-outbreak of infections, at least within the production (…) we were touched by a group of infected. Guty Carrera was the first to raise his hand with symptoms, which does not mean that he brought the virus, “began the driver, who later assured that those infected need to have a negative diagnosis of the disease to return.

Once the health of the affected competitors was restored and the activities returned to normal, the producer Rosa María Noguerón surprised the audience by making the sudden decision to rest three of the athletes who participate in the reality show of Channel Five.

In addition, the production of the sports competition presented their replacements. It was this Monday, August 2, when the program’s hosts, Mauricio Barcelata and Tania Rincón, announced to the public that Agustín Fernández, Asaf Torres, and Nicola Porcella, competitors of the program, were temporarily suspended in order to protect the entire production of a possible new health risk.

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