Granny Dies After Being Attacked By A Pit Bull In Veracruz

The 85-year-old woman was at the home of a neighbor she was helping because she was in a wheelchair. 

VERACRUZ.-  An 85-year-old old woman died after being attacked by a pit bull dog , while she was at the home of a neighbor she was helping and rehabilitating because she was in a wheelchair. 

According to the information, the events occurred at a home in the Astilleros neighborhood in the city of Veracruz , where the victim was identified as Petra “R” . 

Unofficially, it was reported that the 85-year-old woman had come to the home of an 82-year-old woman named Rosa to help her and give her rehabilitation, because she is in a wheelchair.  

Rosa was at the home with her pitbull dog , named Tyson , who attacked Petra and caused various injuries to her body, including her head, causing the woman to die at the scene. 

Neighbors in the area tried to help Petra , but because they feared being attacked by the dog, they couldn’t do anything.  

It was a taxi driver who was passing by, who upon seeing the scene repeatedly called the emergency services without obtaining a response, but thanks to the help of another person they were able to contact the Naval Police . 

When they saw that the security elements were on the site, but did nothing, the taxi driver and other neighbors took a rope to subdue the canine, and with the help of its owner, since it was the only one who did not attack, they were able to tie it to a grate. 

Due to agitation and behavior while tied to the fence with a rope, the dog was hanged from the movements.   

Elements of the Red Cross that arrived at the scene confirmed that Petra no longer had vital signs, so Expert Services took over the body.  

Meanwhile, elements of the Municipal Police were in charge of carrying out the corresponding investigations before this fact. 

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