Galilea Montijo joined the list of personalities in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry who have been infected with COVID-19 on more than one occasion. The Mexican star made her recent diagnosis known with a remote appearance on the entertainment show “Hoy”.

“Again, it cannot be, for all those who do not believe that it gives you again, because it does give again. You know that we are people who take great care of ourselves, we try to do the exam at certain times, ”Montijo said to confirm her positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

The television presenter confessed that her diagnosis with the virus comes after two workers very close to her began to present health problems, so they underwent diagnostic tests to corroborate if it was a possible contagion with Coronavirus.

“This weekend two people who work directly with me tell me that they had felt bad since Friday, on Saturday they took the test and they came out positive. Automatically right there we asked for the laboratory and I came out positive in the rapid test ”, declared the 47-year-old interpreter.

At the time of talking about the symptoms she has presented, Montijo revealed that they have been very similar to those of her first time with the Coronavirus: “The same body ache, the same as last time, a terrible sore throat. Unlike the other time, it did not give me a headache … Fever has not given me.

The actress also reiterated that she and her son Mateo were the only ones who tested positive for COVID-19 in their direct family nucleus. Despite living with them much of the time, her husband Fernando Reina gave negative results to the diagnostic tests they performed.

Galilea Montijo admitted that she is a lover of her work, but unfortunately, she will have to take time off from her professional commitments so as not to put the health of her co-workers at risk on the Televisa entertainment show “Hoy”.

Referring to COVID-19 infections on more than one occasion, Montijo confessed that he does not believe in “immunity” to the virus, because her second infection occurs only four months after having successfully recovered from her first diagnosis.

In the past, entertainment personalities such as Carlos de la Mota and Danna García made it known that they were infected with COVID-19 after having recovered from a first contagion.

The official website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detailed that cases of reinfection with COVID-19 have been reported today, but that they are rare. They also maintain that reinfection cases are to be expected taking into account what is known about similar viruses.

Could Galilea Montijo’s co-workers have been infected with the virus?


During her brief appearance on Televisa’s “Hoy” television program, Galilea Montijo admitted that her co-workers had already undergone Coronavirus diagnostic tests to corroborate whether they could have been infected with the virus after having been in contact with her. However, they all tested negative and are working regularly.

At present, Montijo is one of the main presenters of the morning show “Hoy”, one of the most important television productions and views of Televisa in Mexican territory.

Galilea Montijo: When did you first get COVID-19?

At the beginning of November 2020, Galilea Montijo announced that she had tested positive for COVID-19, which is why she would be absent for a few days from the entertainment show “Hoy” to be able to recover satisfactorily in the privacy of her home in Mexico City.

The television presenter pointed out at that time that both she and her family had not presented serious symptoms in relation to the virus, so they would continue to rest at home.

Montijo has repeatedly urged her thousands of followers to comply with social distancing and the correct use of masks to prevent the numbers of people infected with COVID-19 from continuing to increase drastically.

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