Christian Estrada and Ferka finally announced the sex of the baby they are waiting with so much emotion. Frida Sofía’s ex and her lover, who made their sweet wait known last February, gathered a group of family and friends on April 11 in a garden in Mexico City to announce that a little boy is on the way. .

For the occasion, the model and the singer dressed very together in pristine white and you cannot miss their happy faces that they both put on when they saw the blue confetti during the celebration. Great news that was received with a shower of congratulations and messages of congratulations from the fans of this couple.

Christian Estrada and Ferka revealed that they are expecting a child.

The future dads gathered family and friends in a beautiful garden in Mexico City where they organized an incredible party to reveal that a little boy is coming. The two looked happy when they saw the blue confetti during the celebration.

Frida Sofía’s ex could not hide his happiness.

“IT’S A BOY 👼🏼 #dad #sina #minisina”, Christian Estrada commented next to this tender image they took of him during the celebration with a teddy bear. A news that was received with great joy by the followers of the model who wrote a lot of messages on their social networks.

The couple is excited while waiting for their child.

“We love you #babyE 🤍 thank you my life for making me so happy #me #ferkhris #genderreveal #love #inlove”, Ferka commented on her social networks next to this beautiful photograph that was taken after revealing the sex of the baby who is on the way .

They both dressed in white to announce the happy news.

“Boy or Girl? WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️”, Christian Estrada commented on his social networks shortly before announcing that a little boy is coming. A beautiful party in which both he and the future mother dressed completely in the most coordinated white.

Their friends accompanied the couple on such a special day.

Since they began their romance, Christian Estrada and Ferka have had the unconditional support of friends such as the actor Lambda García, the driver Mauricio Barcelata and the actress María José Suárez , who did not miss the beautiful party they organized to reveal the sex of the baby.

Christian Estrada and Ferka announced the pregnancy in February.

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. #Elsina #baby # lacigüeña #babyE”, wrote the model on February 4. “The crush is done 🤍🤰🏼 #momtobe #ferkhris #love #pregnant #myteam #myking #babyE”, she commented.

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