Freddy Martín Soccer Player Arrested For Alleged Violation

They report the arrest of Freddy Martín, Henry Martín’s brother, for alleged rape

Freddy Martín , brother of América striker Henry Martín , was arrested and accused of the crime of rape, reported journalist Carlos Jiménez, who specializes in police news.

Through a message on his Twitter profile, the reporter indicated that agents of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office apprehended the former soccer player who until a year ago was registered with the Venados de Mérida of the Liga de Ascenso.

It should be noted that it was Carlos Jiménez who also reported on the arrest of Renato Ibarra , then a América player, for domestic violence.

The brother of the América forward is 33 years old and achieved a long career in Liga de Ascenso clubs, such as Mérida FC, Alebrijes de Oaxaca and Correcaminos.

Since March 13, he has not had a record of professional soccer activity according to the Liga MX records.

No further details were released about the legal situation of the former soccer player, nor of the accusing party, but about the existence of an arrest warrant for the rape accusation, Carlos Jiménez reported.

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