Fernanda Castillo’s baby has already been born: What is his name? [PHOTO]

Fernanda Castillo is happier than ever with the birth of her first-born Liam, the result of her consolidated love affair with Mexican actor Erik Hayser. The actress announced the arrival of her baby through a publication on her official account on Instagram.

“Liam Hayser Castillo 12/19/2020 #Somostres”, Castillo detailed on Instagram to announce the pleasant news of the birth of her son.

So far, the Mexican star has not delved into details regarding the birth of her first child, what is a fact is that he was born in Mexico last Saturday, December 19, 2020.

To announce the birth of her son, Castillo posted a photo on Instagram where you could see an adorable footprint of her son.

The comments on social networks did not wait to congratulate Fernanda Castillo on the happy arrival of her first-born: “Congratulations !!! What a blessing! ”,“ Congratulations! Many blessings my Fer “,” Welcome Liam! Merry Christmas Mamacita !!! ”,“ I love you !!!! ”,“ Welcome Liam !! ”,“ Congratulations !! Welcome Liam ”,“ Welcome to the world Liam, you have some incredible parents 😍 @fernandacga @erikhayser Congratulations on your family ”,“ Wow congratulations Fer and Erik !! ”.

Through her social networks, Fernanda Castillo shared the development of her pregnancy with each of her followers and even published unpublished photographs of her firstborn’s room.

On the other hand, the famous actress was entertained with spiritual rituals where her closest friends celebrated the upcoming arrival of her first child. Through her profile on Instagram, Castillo thanked each of the women who made her feel loved in these celebrations that would be recorded in her “soul and memory.”

For now, Castillo and Hayser have not shared their baby’s first photograph; but they are expected to do so in the next few days as a sign of gratitude to each of the people who were pending the pregnancy.

In mid-August of this 2020, Fernanda Castillo and Erik Hayser surprised all their fans by publishing a photograph on digital platforms where they announced that they would soon become parents. At the time, the couple looked very smiling as they proudly displayed Castillo’s first ultrasound.

“We are three ♥ ️ Immensely happy,” said the couple to announce the news of the pregnancy on their official social networks.

In the month of May of 2020, the actor couple announced their commitment after sustaining a love relationship for six years. For the ad, Castillo and Hayser posed together while the actress showed off her engagement ring.

The love story of Fernanda Castillo and Erik Hayser began in July 2014 and they are considered one of the most stable couples in the Mexican entertainment industry.

The romance of the actors occurred after Castillo witnessed a play where Hayser shared credits with one of the actress’s great friends. Since that moment, the chemistry between the two was undeniable and they have been together as an example of a loving relationship based on love and respect.

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