Felipe Cazals Died: Mexican Cinema Is In Mourning

Mexico City.- Mexican cinema is in mourning. Before ending this Saturday, the death of a great in the cinema was known: the director Felipe Cazals, who died at 84 years of age.

Several artists and public figures have spoken before the death of the filmmaker, director, and screenwriter, Felipe Cazals.

Cazals, in 1976 won the Silver Bear in Berlin with the film Canoa.

So far the cause of death of Felipe Cazals is unknown.

Felipe Cazals Siena was his full name, he was born in Mexico City in 1937, throughout his career he forged a robust determining work in Mexican cinematography with some thirty films of which Canoa, Los Motivos de Luz, Las poquianchis stand out. , The returns of the citrillo, Bajo metralla, El Apando, Emiliano Zapata and the documentary Leonora Carrington and El sorcery irónico, among them.

The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico reacted on its Twitter account to the unfortunate news:

“The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico deeply regrets the death of filmmaker Felipe Cazals, an indispensable director in the history of Mexican cinema, a storyteller who defended just causes and inspired several generations with more than 40 films.”

The Mexican Academy of Cinema (AMACC) also shared its condolences, especially since a great man is leaving, he was a member emeritus of the AMACC and a fundamental director in the history of Mexican cinema. “We will always miss you, dear Felipe,” they expressed.

On TV UNAM will also mention that Cazals will live forever through his fierce criticism transformed into a film.

The Twitter account of the Morelia Film Festival joined the sentence that seizes the family and friends of the director.

Filmmaker Guillermo Arriaga shared an emotional message: “The great Mexican film director, Felipe Cazals, has died, whom I had the honor of meeting in person and who can thank him for the magnificent work that influenced the work of so many. Huge loss for the culture of this country ”.

Even the Mexican ambassador to the Holy See, Alberto Barranco, stated that he was a filmmaker on contemporary social issues.

Producer Epigmenio Ibarra also recalled when he had the opportunity to work with him, for the first time, more than 45 years ago in Education Cinema and then in Short Film. “He is a man with a deep gaze, energetic and soft at the same time; a great director. It is impossible to understand Mexico without its films ”, he highlighted.

Thus the firmament has a new star, that of the great Felipe Cazals.

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