Father Of The Actress Carmen Madrid Died After Complications From COVID

The actress Carmen Madrid explained on social networks that her father ‘was healthy’, but that after receiving the Sputnik vaccine, his health deteriorated.

Mexico.- The father of the actress Carmen Madrid died after several days of fighting against COVID-19

The actress had announced that her father began to feel bad after receiving the first dose of the Sputnik brand coronavirus vaccine.

On Friday it was announced that the man had been intubated due to complications from the infection, however, this Saturday night he died.

It was the actress herself who reported the death of her father through her Facebook account.

Well, Dad didn’t have a face, but he did have many friends, many family who will surely remember him with love. Here I put some nice photos, “wrote the actress.

“He was vaccinated, he got sick, he left us. Today I read a figure. But my father is not a figure, although his last days were confiscated by a protocol. Thanks to all the friends who supported us in this situation. In truth, his help was invaluable. A hug to all of us who are orphaned by the presence of Dad “, shared Carmen Madrid on the social network along with several images in which her father is seen with friends and family.

‘I was healthy’

The actress of productions such as “La querida del centauro”, “La Guzmán” and “Mirada de mujer” , had explained in recent days that her father was fine, but after receiving the COVID vaccine he began to get sick.

My father was vaccinated on February 26 with Sputnik. He was healthy. Five hours later he had a fever, diarrhea, weakness. Suddenly he lost his sight … We waited and believed it would happen, “he explained just last Sunday.

The actress explained that they thought the symptoms would pass, but on the contrary, her father’s health worsened, however, the man did not want to be hospitalized.

It’s been 17 days and he just went extinct. When the 911 paramedics – incredible human beings – had already convinced him to take him to the bug’s hospital, he told me: don’t leave me alone, mijita. Be with me in what I am relieved, or in what I break. We decided to stay here. It is a blessing for me to accompany you. I write this just so it is known that he was fine, he was vaccinated and he fell. What’s going on? I don’t know, “he wrote on March 14.

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