There will be no seats for people in the Palacio de Los Deportes, it will only be available for family, friends, and the press

A significant tribute, which will be broadcast from the Palacio de Los Deportes through a network of television channels, is preparing to bid farewell to the immortal artist Johnny Ventura, who passed away on Wednesday.

The producer Edilenia Tactuk is in charge of the production, which has been rushed but will have a very special meaning for all Dominicans.

Almost all the television channels in the country have come together to broadcast live the emotional farewell to the artist of great affection in the Dominican Republic.

Color Vision (as the parent channel), Telemicro, Telesistema, Channel 4RD, CDN 37, Channel 29, and TV Quisqueya (for the United States) are confirmed and will also be broadcast by the official Instagram account @johnnyventuraoficial.

The orchestra, directed by maestro Henrry Jiménez, with whom the merenguero entertained his parties, will be accompanying a legion of artists who have already confirmed their performance.

As Tactuk explained to Listín Diario, “others will join the action,” although in the particular case of Juan Luis Guerra his presence has not been confirmed.

The production company announced that, at the request of the family, Manny Cruz will premiere the merengue he recorded with Johnny.

Also, the pianist Janina Rosado, who once belonged to his orchestra and is the musical director of Juan Luis’s group 4.40, will go up to pay him a special tribute and will tell an emotional anecdote that she lived with the merenguero.

Foreign artists

Ventura cultivated friendships with great foreign artists. Thus, famous international art figures have already confirmed their performance at tomorrow’s farewell at the Virgilio Travieso Soto Sports Palace, at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

Salsero Gilberto Santa Rosa was among the first to confirm his participation.

A beautiful stage has been designed for the event, which was created by Omar Martí, son of the late comedian and singer Luisito Martí (a member of the Combo Show).

Johnny was an uncle to Omar and his brothers since the relationship between him and his father was always one of brotherhood.

“The scenography has a very special meaning, because Omar, Luisito’s son, has had the honor of setting it up, you can’t imagine, there have been many feelings here,” said Tactuk when speaking with LISTÍN DIARIO.

The protocol

Tactuk clarified that people will be able to enter and make a line of honor and then leave, with the due distancing of place.

“There will be no seats for people in the Palacio de Los Deportes, only family, friends, and the press will have access to the seats, because it is not a show to witness,” he explained.

Like many people who were fond of Ventura, Edilenia has suffered deeply from the loss and couldn’t help crying when asked if she would happily say goodbye to Johnny. “Imagine with joy we cannot fire Don Johnny because his death has hurt all Dominicans too much.

After the public gives him the last goodbye at the Palacio de Los Deportes, there will be a tour of the Villa Juana neighborhood of the capital and finally, he will be buried in the Cemetery of Christ the Redeemer.

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