The star participated in a variety of films such as ‘El Capitan Mantarraya’, ‘Santo contra Los horsemen del terror’ and ‘Jesús Nuestro Señor’, among many more.

The National Association of Interpreters of Mexico confirmed the death through its social networks.

According to her friend Lucero Campos, the star died during an open heart operation at a hospital in Mexico City.

Ivonne Govea, the famous actress, and star, an icon of Mexican cinema, has died. The news of her death was confirmed on social networks by the National Association of Interpreters of Mexico.

“ANDI communicates the sensitive death of the interpreter partner Ivonne Govea. Actress, vedette, dancer, and scientist with extensive experience in the world of entertainment and research. To her family and friends we send our deepest condolences,” they shared.

Lucero Campos, who currently participates in the reality show ” La Voz Senior”, within the María José team, used her social networks to confirm the death of the star after an open heart operation.

“Dear all friends, fellow artists, and all the media that met my dear Ivonne Govea with deep pain, I inform you that she has just passed away. At 2:50 p.m. Here we are at the National Institute of Cardiology of CdMx. Our God Lord have mercy and pity on her soul and her spirit. My condolences to her little daughter, her granddaughters, her brother Javier, and Mar who helped her so much. We will remember you forever a friend of the soul. “

Who is Ivonne Govea?

Ivonne Govea, studied her career in plastic arts, drama, and ballet, among others, in the Fine Arts schools from where she graduated. She also studied with the world-renowned soloist and singing teacher Mario Gensollen.

In addition, she had the privilege of being a student and collaborator of the great muralist and painter David Alfaro Siqueiros; Likewise, she was a student and model of the distinguished sculptor Don Octavio Ponzanelli and a collaborator of the incomparable South American sculptor Jose Luis Hidrobo.

Ivonne Govea is the founder, intellectual author, and Scientific Researcher of the FBI (Individual Biotypological Fisionomia), as well as of the Genealogical Institute, AC, in Mexico and also of the art company D ‘Vintage Code.

In addition, she participated in a lot of films: ” Captain Manta Ray”, ” Jesus, Our Lord “, ” Bachelor Department”, “Saint against the horsemen of terror”, “Saint and Blue Demon against Dr. Frankenstein” and “The girl with the golden scorpion “, among many others.


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