The fourth season of Exatlon United States is history. Since its new stage that began on July 13, the circuits became more complicated, the challenges more intricate, and each athlete has been put to the test, giving everything for everything to become the winner of the fiercest competition in Hispanic television were “Latin gringo” Nate Burkhalter was crowned the winner. Led by sports commentator Erasmo Provenza who has already recovered after being infected with COVID-19, the intense family program has had new obstacles and challenges, new athletes who joined the teams as reinforcement, more prizes ineffective weekly, and the arrival of the first season champion, Marisela “Chelly” Cantú as a commentator, among other surprises.

The fifth season of Exatlon USA is already confirmed for January 2021

Already Telemundo, home of Exatlon USA, confirmed that by the beginning of the year 2021, we would have a new season of Exatlon USA. Although an exact start date is not yet known, all preparations are already underway to recruit the best warriors willing to give their all in the arenas of the fiercest competition on the planet. Different portals, such as VideosTop, have gradually revealed important information for the new installment:

  • It was learned that a well-known Mexican athlete will join Team Famosos in the fifth season, although we still do not know her name or discipline.
  • International duels would return: It was known that in parallel to Exatlon USA, Exatlon Mexico, Exatlon Hungary, and Exatlon Romania, they would be filming in the Dominican Republic, which would facilitate the duels between countries.
  • Eight athletes from previous seasons would return 4 from Team Famosos and 4 from Team Contendientes. In the case of the contenders, they are Rafa Soriano, Andoni García, Valeria Sofía, and Dennisse Novoa.

When does the filming of the fifth season begin?

According to the fan portal VideosTop, the recordings of the new season of Exatlon United States would begin on January 5, 2021, starting on-screen two weeks later. We are ready for the return of the fiercest competition on the planet! 

A formal announcement from Telemundo with more details about the new installment is expected in the coming days.
The Exatlon United States is a program produced by Acunmedya for Telemundo, which seeks to find the participant with the strongest physical and mental abilities through a series of obstacle courses, extreme living conditions, and total isolation from the rest of the world. Exatlon United States audience and fans can keep up to date with the latest Exatlon news at

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