The official account of the program announced that the sporting challenge will be repeated

The second season of Exatlón México ended last Sunday, April 4, however, the official account of this program announced the retransmission of the episodes , people who wish to relive the moments of this sporting challenge will be able to tune in to the Azteca Uno signal at 1 pm.

“As of Monday, April 12 at 1 pm you will be able to see the broadcast of the SECOND SEASON of the Exatlón from our digital platforms!” Wrote the verified account of this sports reality in a tweet.

People interested in this program will be able to watch Azteca Uno on channel 101 of the service companies Izzi , Star TV and Megacable; however Izzi users will be able to opt for 801 for high definition signal . The broadcast can also be enjoyed over the internet on the official website of TV Azteca.

Among the responses to this tweet, the followers of the competition did not show that they were very enthusiastic about the announcement, as they would prefer the broadcast season to be the first.

Some of the messages they wrote are “Put the first best, or are you afraid of success?” , “I’m a fan of Exatlón, but Season 2 is the one I liked the least”, “The one I liked the least was the second season, the better the first” and “The first season would give you more RATING, I’m not even going to half when they are going to take it off the air ”.

This edition of Exatlón México featured athletes divided into two teams, the Titans represented by the color red and the Heroes represented by blue.

This program gave viewers a series of confrontations between the greatest sports talents of all the broadcasts of the contest. The final challenge consisted of going through a circuit full of obstacles, at the end of the road the athletes had to knock down five totems and then score a ball.

The athletes who were crowned as champions were ‘Pato Araujo’ and Mati Álvarez. The former is recognized for his career in soccer, as he became a pillar of the Chivas and the Mexican National Team for several years; Mati Álvarez is the youngest athlete to participate in the Guadalajara 2011 Pan American Games , as she was 15 years old and has records in Long Jump as well as in the 4×100 relay.

After the final battle between the Titans and the Heroes, the winners received one million pesos for winning the last contest in addition to the prizes accumulated during the competition.

After the final of Exatlon, the participants of the sports reality show still giving something to talk about . Such is the case of some competitors, who shared a photograph of their most recent vacation, but with a very particular outfit.

It is about Doris del Moral, Casandra Ascencio, Valery Carranza and Evelyn Guijarro , who were the protagonists of a publication on Instagram that at the moment has more than 100,000 ‘Likes’ within this social network. The former contestants of the TV Azteca program were shown wearing an “Eva costume”, which consisted of using only leaves of some plant to cover their bodies .

“Like Adam and Eve, let us have ‘our sin. Like a ‘thief’, a well-kept secret, A road and an assured destination, Where this ‘fugitive’ has loved each other, “wrote Doris del Moral on the social network, accompanied by some hashtags such as” girl power . ” Former companions of the four athletes made positive comments about the publication, such was the case of Ernesto Cazares, Marysol Cortés, Carolina Mendoza and Cecilia Álvarez .

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