Exatlón México Vs Exatlón USA: Which Members Will Return For The Special Program

According to leaks, the names of the Mexican athletes who will participate in the broadcast that will face contenders from both editions were confirmed

Prior to the premiere of the fifth season of Exatlón México, information has been leaked about a competition that could end the wait for fans of the sports reality show. It is a special program in which the former participants of the national version would face off against 8 members of Exatlón Estados Unidos.

This was announced by Más Televisión, a Twitter account of news and rumors: “COLOSSAL SHOW! @AztecaUNO will broadcast at the end of May a special episode in which 8 participants of # ExatlónMX will face off against the participants of the 5th season of #ExatlonEEUU, it will not be the #Exatlon Cup as has transpired on social networks ”.

Although Más Televisión affirms that it is not about the Exatlón Cup, other spoiler accounts have reported that it is about this special transmission, which would last for a single program and not a season. The first edition of this cup in which Mexican contenders participated was held in 2020 and the winners were Mati Álvarez and Heliud Pulido.

“ An Exatlón Cup is about to be recorded, this format that you had already seen before when the third season ended, with the finalists. We are going to have an Exatlon Cup againit is not known if it will only be between pure participants from Mexico or like that format against other countries “, was assured in a YouTube video where the name” Keyla, the queen of spoilers “, an account that is dedicated to spreading confidential information about the sports show.

Through this account, the Mexican contenders who will travel to the Dominican Republic to be part of this special broadcast were also revealed. Among the names are the current Exatlón México champion, Mati Álvarez, as well as David Juárez “La Bestia” —who is also the first confirmed for the fifth season—Keno Martell and Doris del Moral.

It should be remembered that after being victorious in the fourth edition of the TV Azteca reality show , Mati Álvarez stated that he would not participate in the sports challenge program again: “I am very grateful for the opportunity but this cannon, this was the last Exatlon of my life. There will be no other, ”Álvarez declared in an interview with William Valdez for Venga la Alegría.

” When I threw the last ball I felt peace and I really wanted to see my family again, ” said Álvarez, who won two seasons of Exatlón México (2019-2020 and 2020-2021), as well as the 2020 Exatlón Cup. He also added that due to his long career in this competition, he has had both positive and negative moments.

“This is how Exatlon is lived, it is lived in stages: I started very well, then strangers, then well. At Christmas and on my birthday I had a very bad time, imagine, two birthdays here, two Christmases, two new years , life goes by very fast “, declared the so-called” Golden Champion “in the morning program.

In this regard, Mati Álvarez pointed out how her evolution was within the program: “I feel that I am super competitive, I feel that when I focus, I focus and when I compete, I go out to win and I like to win, but this season I also enjoyed the players more. colleagues, the awards, I did not take it as much to heart as in my season, the third, I felt better. I had more victories ”.

“What I take away is personal growth, knowing that you can do more than you imagine. There were days when I didn’t want to get up but you always find that strength, that reason, you keep going ”, concluded the athlete. By participating in the next edition of the Exatlon Cup , Mati Álvarez would have the opportunity to become a four-time champion of the sports reality show .

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