Exatlón México: Steph Gómez Was Hospitalized For COVID-19

The athlete’s family members requested support to cover medical expenses as she is in serious condition

Stephania Gómez Vargas is the full name of this former participant, who is currently receiving medical attention at the Puebla Hospital because she is infected with COVID-19.

According to her relatives, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner was hospitalized on Wednesday, May 26, however, the accounts that share program updates found her brother’s request for help on May 27.

“As of today, Wednesday, May 26, at 7:55 p.m., Steph is fighting for her life in a serious and very delicate condition,” wrote the athlete’s brother.

According to these captures of what appears to be an Instagram story, the Exatlón México contestant received treatments to achieve the ideal oxygen saturation, despite the condition of her lungs exhausted her and she had to be intubated to avoid respiratory arrest. 

The relative explained that “Due to the proximity, capacity, quality, and availability of beds to care for serious patients with COVID, she was transferred to the Puebla Hospital, which is a private hospital.”

The Gómez Vargas family requested financial support for the treatment and rental equipment to maintain stability to Steph are very high costs.

For their part, friends of the beloved athlete, such as Keno Martell, Pamela Verdirame, and Mati Álvarez, confirmed that she was infected with coronavirus and requires voluntary donations.

According to the screenshots of that publication, people who wish to make a donation must also send their receipt to one of the three indicated emails.

The fans of Steph Gómez also wrote messages of encouragement to the athlete, “Strength for our human torch”, ” We are asking for you” “Strength Steph, God restore your health” and “Get well soon precious”, wrote the users of the social media.

These comments were made by Exatlón’s followers in Steph’s posts on Instagram, where she has more than 200,000 followers.

Stephania Gómez is 30 years old and was part of an edition of Exatlón México in 2019, after 14 weeks she had to leave the competition due to a fracture in the tibia, the former Héroes member resumed her activities with success and normality when she left the Dominican Republic, a site where TV Azteca programs are recorded.

Mati Álvarez, champion of the most recent edition of this reality show, uploaded several stories of support for her partner and even shared an illustration with the hashtag #FuerzaSteph. In hER videos, she explained how you can donate to support your colleague’s medical expenses.

“Hear this story is a bit ugly, it is to inform you that our friend, partner and colleague of Exatlón, Steph Gómez ‘the human torch’ is super serious from COVID, she is in intensive care hospitalized in Puebla,” said the winner in her video of Exatlón, in the said clip also Jazmin Hernández, another participant of the reality show.

Steph was born in Tapachula, Chiapas in February 1991. From her childhood she showed her taste for sports, so since she was little she specialized in her discipline, which is called jiu-jitsu. A year before joining Exatlon, she was recognized as the best exponent of this sport at the national level.

The Ministry of Health (SSA) reported that until Thursday, May 27 reported 18,782 (0.7%) active infections disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which represents people who had symptoms in the previous 14 days.

In the evening report on COVID-19, it was also reported that 34,878,675 doses of the preventive vaccine have arrived in Mexico.

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