Exatlón México: Hardest Confession Of Antonio Rosique About His Illness

The Exatlón México driver revealed new details about the disease that affects him and that causes him problems during his daily life

Antonio Rosique achieved a high degree of popularity in the Mexican viewer, especially after the great success of the fourth season of Exatlón México. The sports journalist has already earned a place in the Mexican family with sports reality as its great flag.

Rosique is an unmistakable character for the media and her work at the head of the Exatlón allowed her to gain more presence, especially in young audiences and in social networks. His way of narrating is unique in this show, to which he aims to return for a fifth season.

Since the beginning of Exatlón México, Rosique has become one of its pillars. For this reason, his words in the last moments of the Grand Final of the fourth season, which consecrated the athletes Mati Álvarez and Pato Araujo, are not surprising.

Thank you Mexico (…) Thank you for letting us into your home, thank you for watching the Exatlón with your family. This is an adventure of personal growth, of values ​​and my mission is to inspire you, so that you out there have a chance to win. If you want we will return next summer, to the fifth season; and if you wish, I will also return and leave home to be here. 

Rosique tells details of her illness

That way of narrating and that inspiration that Antonio Rosique infects also goes through his bad times. In this sense, the driver decided to tell more about a disease he has had for many years.

In a talk with his colleague Javier Alarcón, the Exatlón México driver reveals what it is like to have to deal with the disease of color blindness, which he has had for a long time and which he was able to comment on when he was covering the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

According to Rosique, she often has difficulties in contrasting colors and being able to identify some of them, which is why it becomes a problem at certain times in her daily life.

Even so, nothing stops this driver who knows how to keep an entire country in suspense with his narration of the reality show, which has been a success on the TV Azteca screen.


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