Exatlón United States: Which Former Participant Could Sue And why

The news came amid multiple scandals that have starred in the Telemundo version of this sports show

Despite the fact that the fourth season of Exatlón México came to an end last Sunday, April 4, the famous program still continues to give something to talk about. This time it is in its version of Telemundo because an athlete who participated in the reality show will file a lawsuit against the production for having suffered harassment.

This was announced by Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani on the YouTube program Chisme No Like. According to the drivers, it is Olimpia Villalobos, who was allegedly the victim of harassment by a member of the production team. It was also reported that the athlete could not reveal this information, due to a contract she signed with the television network.

“There is a line of lawsuits, in this case, the athlete Olimpia Villalobos. We already know who bothered her, it is, unfortunately, someone from the Telemundo Cisco Suárez team, this is serious because the lawyer is already filing the lawsuit, ”Javier Ceriani commented during the broadcast of the program. The show host also stated that it is not yet certain whether the lawsuit will be filed against the production of the program or against the television station.

Olimpia Villalobos has represented Mexico in different international competitions in the pole vault discipline and was part of  Exatlón Estados Unido, where her last participation was in 2020: “I spent an INCREDIBLE week on the circuits, I would have loved to spend more time, get a rhythm and fight at a better level as all viewers deserve it. I confess that I am hungry for more but this mini experience leaves me GRATEFUL and with great satisfaction! I take new friends and wonderful memories, I enjoyed it a lot, I laughed and had a lot of fun, “he posted on her Instagram account after leaving the program.

This news comes in the middle of a series of controversies that have starred in the United States version of the sports show because recently two of its participants were expelled for possession of cell phones and marijuana. This information was also released on the Chisme No Like program, a space where an arduous investigation has long been carried out on alleged abuses and deceptions of the Telemundo show.

According to the entertainment program, those involved would be Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre, although it is unknown if those responsible obtained these prohibited objects on their own or if someone from production helped them to have them.

Sometime later, the host of the program, Frederik Oldenburg, announced that both were expelled, but did not explain the reasons: “ Frank Beltré, from the Famosos team, and Denisse Novoa, from the Contending team, will not continue in the competition ”.

Added to this fact is that on April 12, the Telemundo program reported the punishment of 6 of its participants for three days: “To protect the integrity of the competition, there are strict rules that must be followed. Some of the athletes have not followed those rules and have been suspended for three days, “ said the host of the reality show.

Oldenburg did not specify the reasons for which the athletes were suspended, but he did provide their names, three from the red team and three from the blue team. Among the first are Norma Palafox, Eric Alejandro and Nathalia Sánchez. While the second are Octavio González, Ana Parra and Rafael Soriano .

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