Exatlón 2021: Who Could Win The Final?

The last competition will be broadcast live

This Sunday, April 4 will be held at the end of Exatlón, the reality show of TV Azteca that has emerged as a favorite of the Mexican audience and has maintained a good level rating since its inception in 2017. But not all have It was good news because the endurance and competition program has faced leaks and a large number of injuries among its participants.

A few days before the final of Exatlón México, the famous competition took a dramatic turn after the elimination of two of the strongest participants. In this sense, the athletes Heliud Pulido and Casandra Asencio had to leave the sports competition reality show.

For the final men’s competition, Javi Márquez will face Patrico ‘Pato’ Araujo, while in the women’s section it will be Evelyn Guijarro against Mati Álvarez.

According to the various spoiler accounts on social networks, the men’s battle would end after having completed three of five circuits, with a score of 2-1, favorable for the contestant Pato Araujo, who would be crowned in this edition of Exatlón.

The television station TV Azteca has been promoting that the Exatlón final will be broadcast synchronously, however on social networks it has been leaked that the event will not be completely live, but will only be broadcast in real-time during the last circuit of the competition, this with the aim of avoiding the collation of the name of the winners.

These statements are deduced because the production would not have the time necessary to prepare each test; Furthermore, each competition has a 10-minute recovery time for participants, which would not be compatible with live broadcast times on open television.

Today some of the Exatlón México participants who have already left the program visited the Venga la Alegría drivers, during the segment in which they were, they talked about the abilities and weaknesses of the finalists of this program.

According to Adrian Medrano, Yusef Farah, Daniel Noyola, Wushu, and the Cázares brothers, these are the aspects to consider from their four companions:


Mati Álvarez expresses things as they are because she is very methodical, they consider as part of her weaknesses that sometimes she is pressured, an attitude that could play against her, according to them, she should not allow distractions in the face of the pressure of the live broadcast.

On the other hand, the strengths of her opponent Evelyn Garro would be her excellent aim, which tends to have a cold personality because she is a strategist and who also stands out for her speed and physical condition, her teammates pointed out that even being injured she is able to continue.

Her main weakness lies in the opponent since she lost 50% of her career against Mati Álvarez.

Among the strengths of Pato Araujo , his aim, his patience and his ability to focus on his objectives stand out, his teammates highlighted his average speed as the factor that plays the most in his favor , on the other hand, they mentioned the absence of his wife Zudikey as a factor that could lower your spirits.

Finally, as for Javi Márquez , his teammates highlighted as abilities that he clings to to fulfill the objectives that he proposes because his family inspires him , in addition to the luck he has had, as a weakness he has the aim and his feelings , since he could not channeling your emotions in the best way and being afraid of failing your relatives.

Another of the alleged leaks from the spoiler accounts was that some of the former contenders might return to support athletes who still have a spot on the show.

According to these leaks, those who would return to the Dominican Republic to witness the final contest of the sports program are made up of six athletes: Pamela, David, Doris, Jazmín, Zamara and Keno.

Although this information has not been confirmed, in the most recent official advances published by the Exatlón México account , it can be seen that there will be the presence of former opponents, although by video call on Zoom . They are David Juárez and Pamela Verdirame , who are present within the online broadcast, so it is not clear if their presence will be digitally or if they will make the transfer to witness the grand final.

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