Emotional Moment Of Doña Cuquita At The Funeral Of Vicente Fernández

Obviously devastated by the death of her loved one, Doña Cuquita did not stop crying and touching the coffin where “Chente” was resting.

The pain of losing her loved one overwhelms Vicente Fernández’s widow, Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, known as Doña Cuquita. Emotional images of the funeral that takes place in Arena VFG of the ranch “Los Tres Potrillos” were disseminated on social networks.

And it is that after the arrival of the ferétro to the arena stage, built especially for the “Charro de Huentitán “, his children were the first to honor him.

The second guard was mounted by his wife, Doña Cuquita, who looked devastated by the loss of her life partner.

At the time of honoring him, the widow placed a charro hat that belonged to her husband and did not stop embracing the coffin that contained the singer’s remains.

After several minutes by herself next to Vicente’s body, her son Alejandro approached her and hugged her while singing “Amor de los dos”.

In the images disseminated on social networks, the woman is seen crying and wiping her tears. Alexander evidently dejected his voice is cut off.

The mariachi Azteca, a group that accompanied the “Charro de Huentitán” for several, are in charge of playing the music at the funeral attended by thousands of fans to say goodbye.

Before burying Vicente’s body, a present body mass will be held. The burial will take place on his own ranch.

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