Emir Pabón Suffers A Car Accident With His Pregnant Wife

The Mexican singer reported through a press release that an application driver began to accelerate for no reason until the accident occurred

Mexican producer, director, and singer-songwriter Emir Pabón and his wife, Stefanía de Aranda, suffered a car accident on June 11 in Houston, Texas. At the moment they are still hospitalized and awaiting discharge to move to Mexico City.

Through a statement, the Hermanos Pabón Musical Corporation reported that both are stable and that they received adequate medical attention. However, once they are recovered, they will proceed legally against the application transport company they were traveling with at the time of the accident.

According to the document, Emir traveled to the American city for work reasons. At approximately two in the afternoon last Friday, the producer and his wife, who is six months pregnant, boarded a taxi from a well-known ground transportation application to go to their hotel.

During the trip, the driver began to accelerate for no apparent reason, despite Emir’s constant claims: “They both noticed as soon as they boarded the taxi, that their driver began to accelerate more than speed for no reason on the freeway or road ”reads in the document that was issued today.

After the impact, an ambulance helped Pabón, who, according to the statement, was the most affected, as he had cuts on his nose, forehead, arm, and right hand. As well as bruises on the face and body.

For her part, Stefanía, who suffered blows to the body and a broken leg, was transferred to a nearby maternity hospital, once it was confirmed that neither she nor her baby was in danger.


Regarding the state of the car in which they were traveling, the corporation reported that the four-door car was left with a broken windshield and with “significant external damage on the left side, as the front of the right side was practically scrapped.

“We trust in the next few days, the musician and his wife will be discharged from the corresponding hospitals and will leave the hospitals to be able to return to Mexico City, where they will continue to recover, strictly following the orders of the doctors in the comfort of their home and surrounded by their family, “ the statement said.

According to the document, legal action will be taken against the land transport company and the driver who was driving the unit and who, according to what has happened, is responsible for what happened: “ Legal action will be taken against the company and the driver who It caused such a serious accident, putting the integrity and life of those affected at risk ”.

Emir Pabón
Emir Pabón es el vocalista (IG: emirpabon)

The manager, Maritza Pabón, and the public representative of Emir, Angélica Macías, took the opportunity to thank the musician’s followers for the interest they have shown in the artist’s health. ” We thank the followers, fans, friends, and the media, who have shown solidarity in this situation.”

In addition, it was reported that, so far, the former participant of the Televisa reality show, Las estrellas baila en hoy, will continue to “fully comply with promotional activities, personal presentations, shows, and scheduled campaigns.”

On social media, the day before the accident, Stefanía posted a photograph from a vineyard in the Napa Valley, California. For his part, Emir was promoting a campaign to raise awareness of stroke and ways to prevent it.

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