Eduardo Yáñez Spoke From The Hospital After Being Admitted For Surgery

Eduardo Yáñez was recently operated on in a health center in Mexico City for a health problem related to his kidneys. The Mexican actor released the news through his official profile on the Instagram platform.

“As I promised about five weeks ago to follow up on these kidney stones, today is the day of the second intervention that should be the definitive one. Today everything is over, today is the second surgery and I hope to get out of this in a week, ”Yáñez announced on Instagram in the afternoon of Thursday, March 11.

The soap opera heartthrob continued thanking a group of people who have been present at all times to give him their support while he faces his health problems, such as the case of his manager, Alejandra Rodríguez, and his assistant in Mexico, Margarita.

In a new post on Instagram , Eduardo Yáñez announced that he had already undergone surgery on his kidneys: “Everything went well, to recover. Thank you all for everything”.

Users in the social network did not take long to react with messages of good wishes: “Blessings”, “Prompt recovery”, “Take care of yourself a lot”, “God bless you greatly”, “Wishing you a speedy recovery”, “Take care to recover soon” , “Always with you, I wish you an excellent recovery.”

Yáñez publicly thanked the National Association of Actors of Mexico for managing everything related to his surgical intervention in one of the best hospitals in the Aztec capital. As an actor, the interpreter has the possibility of receiving medical assistance from the actors union.


Eduardo Yáñez abandoned a soap opera due to his health problems

In mid-February, the production of the Televisa telenovela “Si nos nosderos” released a press release in which they assured that the actor Eduardo Yáñez was left out of the cast of the melodrama for personal reasons.

“Due to a personal situation that demands his full attention, Eduardo Yáñez and the production of ‘Si nos nos deja’ agreed that the actor will separate from the work of this new melodrama,” the television network pointed out in the press release.

Shortly after Televisa issued the press release to confirm the departure of Yáñez from the cast of the telenovela, the Mexican actor spoke on his official Instagram account to confirm that he should have withdrawn from the project for health reasons.

“Before starting the rehearsals, I had to operate on kidney stones and they left a catheter in there, with which I had to endure the seven months of recording, but the truth is that I could not, the pain is very strong and I think I was going to leave this novel in the middle. I prefer to be professional and advise that I do not feel willing to do it. Hoping that he is soon recovered and healthy to do the next job that may arise, “said Eduardo Yáñez in a video uploaded to his profile on Instagram.

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