Dulce María: What Happened To Her Face?

The singer and actress Dulce María surprised her Instagram followers after appearing in a video with notable changes in her face.

The Mexican singer Dulce María caused a stir on social networks after appearing with her face “full of Botox”, in a video shared with her more than 9 million Instagram followers.

The former member of  RBD  did not undergo an aesthetic procedure (or at least not one that we are aware of): she only used a filter with which her face wore exaggerated proportions.

Among the notable changes of the interpreter of “Enséñame” stands out the volume of her lips, her cheekbones, and her chin, in contrast to the thinness of her nose and the elongation of her facial structure.

Dulce María quickly became a trend for her joke, even some netizens compared her to characters like the singer Ninel Conde and the vedette Lyn May.

Dulce María ironized at the trend of “self-love” with her face full of botox

Last year, the former participant of the women’s group Jeans caused a stir by not joining the reunion of RBD, the Mexican pop band that catapulted her to international success.

At the time, the composer argued that she could not participate in the project due to her new maternity stage, since she had just given birth to her daughter María Paula.

Despite her absence from the stages and television studios, Dulce María continues to be active on social networks and constantly shares content with her fans.

It was in this context that the artist shared the Instagram video where she is seen with her face “full of Botox”, although as mentioned above: it was only a filter.

The most curious thing is that when showing herself with her “modified” face, Dulce María ironically used one of the slogans of self-love: “From the creators of ‘be yourself and accept yourself as you are’ and ‘The most important thing is to accept ourselves as we are, so, natural’”.

Dulce María Net Worth

WePublishNews’s data predicts Dulce María’s net worth to be about $12 million. The average salary of Dulce María is estimated to be $80,000.


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