Dulce María Shares The First Photo Of Her Baby’s Face [PHOTO]

Dulce María is not happy after sharing the first photograph of the face of her first-born María Paula, who was born in December 2020, as a result of her marriage to producer Paco Álvarez.

The Mexican singer revealed the face of her baby with an emotional publication on the Instagram platform in the middle of the celebrations for International Women’s Day that was commemorated last Monday, March 8.

“For a world where your rights are respected, where your voice is heard and your ideas are taken into account and seriously because your steps are heard and your voice or dreams are never silenced because the day will come when women stop judging themselves and point out each other because our struggle really ends with violence, abuse, harassment, fear, and death, “said the former RBD member in her post on the social network.

“I wish for you and for all women who can be free, that you have a tribe of women who hug each other, take care of themselves, and do not betray you, that you find friends, teachers, and colleagues who respect you and see how strong and valuable you are. that you are and dare to fly with you ”, concluded Dulce María to refer to what she wished for her first-born on International Women’s Day.

Dulce María baby Photo
Dulce María baby Photo

In the portrait that she shared on her profile on Instagram, the actress also appears posing with a smile while carrying her adorable baby girl that was months old.

Users on Instagram did not take long to react to the first official photograph of Dulce María’s daughter’s face: “The most beautiful baby my eyes have seen”, “María Paula is beautiful”, “She is beautiful, she is a perfect princess “,” She is as beautiful as her mother. “

This is what you need to know:

When was Dulce María’s daughter born?

In the evening hours of December 3, 2020, Dulce María surprised her thousands of fans by announcing that she had finally given birth to her first-born, the result of her marriage to producer Paco Álvarez. At that time, the singer shared the news through a publication on her official account on Instagram.

“Everything has been worth it for meeting you and having you now in my arms, little warrior, thank you Paco Álvarez for being the best dad for our beautiful baby who came to change our lives. María Paula, we love you with all our being. I promise to do everything in my power to be the best mom for you, my beautiful star, “said the interpreter on the Instagram platform.

Dulce María refused to be part of the RBD reunion for the well-being of her pregnancy

In the month of September 2020, Dulce María offered an exclusive interview to the morning show “Un Nuevo Día” where she assured that she would not be part of the RBD reunion that was scheduled for mid-December, this due to her advanced state of pregnancy and the risk posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Right now, no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t be at one hundred in something as important as a reunion, so right now not because I’m close to giving birth and then postpartum comes. For me it is not a moment to be able to surrender to that and less in a pandemic that is a lot of risk ”, emphasized the star in the interview.

Dulce María and Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera were the only members of RBD who were not part of the reunion that was held with complete virtual success in December 2020.

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